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    <li>I. Don't exclude others, don't throw insults, don't pester people to post for you, don't steal, and so on.
    <li>II. Respect your staff. They work hard to make this place enjoyable for you.
    <li>III. Take drama to IM or PM. Do not openly argue in cbox or in front of members. We will not be lenient on this.
    <li>IV. All content created by members belong to those members, this includes text and images. Do not steal from them. Seek permission if you would like to borrow something. Seek collaboration for the exchange of ideas.

    <li>I. The show and graphic novels are intended for mature audiences. However we do ask that you follow the ToS of JCink and keep mature content tasteful. Mild gore and violence is the expected, sexual content is to be done tastefully and without graphic detail; mild profanity is also to be expected. Keep it PG-13.

    <p>Canon Characters:
    <li> Canon characters are not allowed on this site for the time being and are unlikely to be allowed in the future. By not allowing canons, we hope to both encourage original characters and preserve Kirkman’s canon ideals.

    <li>I. All new characters will start as unaffiliated unless they are part of an emerging group or their admission has been agreed upon in advance with the group in question and site staff.
    <li>II. Groups often have a certain plot archetype in mind, and admission to a player's group is ultimately up to them, not the staff or the player that wishes to join said group. Do not harass a group or attempt to bully yourself into their story just because you want to be involved with them. However, you may ask nicely to participate and expect a respectful answer whether it is a yes or a no.
    <li>III. Information regarding group creation can be found here.
    <li>IV. You can find a list of all our current groups and a way to get in contact with them here.

    <p>Face Claims:
    <li>I. We do not allow anime or personal face claims. Pick an athlete, an artist, an actor or a model, but don't use yourself or someone you know. Make sure your graphics fit the setting.
    <li>II. The claim is first-come-first-serve; claims are not added until after a character is accepted.
    <li>III. If a character face claim is taken, and that character as not signed on in over 60 days, it is possible that you may take that face claim if you private message an administrator with the name of the face-claim and the player’s account whom they’re currently registered to.
    <li>IV. You MUST make a face claim when you complete your application.

    <li>I. Keep it tasteful. No pornographic images, animated or real.
    <li>II. Avatars may be no larger than 225px wide and 350px tall.
    <li>III. Signatures may be no larger than 600px wide and 300px tall.
    <li>IV. Other images, such as those in templates and requests, may have a max size of 600px by 600px.

    <li>I. Every character must have his or her own account.
    <li>II. Usernames must be the character's name and they must be registered with their first and last name in proper case. Staff members may adjust your characters name if you mistakenly register wrong or if you’d like your character’s name changed.
    <li>III. There is currently a maximum character limit of five for community members. This number is to ensure that all accounts remain active.
    <li>IV. Once every three months, we will have a month long activity check. Members are required to post the names of the characters/accounts they wish to preserve before the activity check expires. Failure to do this will result in the deletion of those accounts. If your accounts are deleted, you may re-register them at a later date and at request, staff can re-accept the characters and return your post count and character's application.
    <li>V. If you fail to reply to an activity check and your account is deleted, your characters may be used with the staff's consent as NPCs (Non-Player Characters) to further site plots. These plots may include your character's deaths, so please stay on top of activity checks. Giving staff members a warning prior to your departure of your interest in keeping your characters alive will prevent their deaths from taking place.

    <li>I. Your profile/application will be attached to everything you post. To this end, you are encouraged to update your character’s personality, items, and history as you continue to role-play in the community and progress through your stories.
    <li>II. The password required for application is: Glossary. By adding this password to your application you agree you have read these rules and understand that if they are broken you will face consequences for those actions.
    <li>IV. Military personnel and law enforcement type characters will be accepted on a case by case basis. Make sure the applications of these military characters are well written, well thought out, and make sense in the current setting. Accuracy and focus on detail is key. As fun as Rambo is to play, a whole board of Rambo's would likely make for boring role-play. Most survivors of the apocalypse would be everyday heroes with a heavy helping of luck on their side. If you are struggling for an idea of a background for your character, review the source material for TWD or ask staff or the community for assistance.

    <li>I. Don't god mod, power play, or meta game.
    <li>II. Please use proper English writing mechanics (quotes around speech, correct punctuation, etc.)
    <li>III. Spell-check is your friend. Use it.
    <li>IV. Make sure your posts are readable when it comes to font color, size, etc.
    <li>V. There is no word minimum. Just make sure you write enough so that others can respond. A good standard would be to shoot for at least one good paragraph, which is 5-6 well thought out sentences. Honestly, we're here to write because we enjoy TWD and writing, so please try to do so.

    <li>I. No drama, be it personal or character related.
    <li>II. Be respectful when conversing about sensitive matters such as religion or politics. Know that not everyone thinks the same way as everyone else and don’t belittle them for thinking the way they do.
    <li>III. No Spamming. (auto spam guard is in place so please watch that)
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    <li>VII. Staff members have the final say on what conversations are allowed to persist in the CBOX. If one asks you to change or drop a topic, please do so. Failure to comply will almost always result in a temporary (1 hour) ban from the CBOX.

    <p>Consequences for Violating Rules:
    <li>I. Since every violation is not equal, we do not punish every offense equally. Major trespasses such as hack attempts, repeated harassment of a community member, and spreading OOC drama throughout the community will be punished severely with long-term or permanent bans. Other offenses such as meta-gaming or god-modding will have the offending posts edited and the players warned. Typical issues such as arguments in the CBOX will result in a temporary ban (1-3 hours) for all party members involved so that everyone will be allowed time to cool off.

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    <marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" width="100%" scrollamount="2">QUOTE OR SONG LYRICS HERE</marquee>

    </div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;">

    <br>GENDER: (Male/Female)
    <br>AGE: (How old your character is)
    <br>BIRTHDATE: (Month Day, Year)
    <br>NICKNAME(S): (If any)
    <br>SEXUAL ORIENTATION: (Straight/Bi/Gay/Other)
    <br>READ RULES: (Click here)

    <br><br></div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;">

    <br>PREVIOUS OCCUPATION: (What your character did before The Outbreak)
    <br>HOMETOWN: (Where your character is from)
    <br>GROUP AFFILIATION: (If any, if none put UNAFFILIATED. Players need permission from a group to be affiliated with them.)
    <br>FACE CLAIM: (Your character's play by/celebrity)

    <br><br></div><br><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">APPEARANCE</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;">

    <br>HAIR COLOR:
    <br>EYE COLOR:
    <br>DISTINGUISHING MARKS: (Tattoos? Piercings? Noticeable scars? etc.)
    <br>CLOTHING STYLE: (What can your character be most often found wearing? Any particular style?)

    (In at least three paragraphs, summarize your character)

    Paragraph 1
    Paragraph 2
    Paragraph 3

    <br><br></div><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">PERSONALITY</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;"><br>

    (In at least three paragraphs, describe your character's overall personality)

    Paragraph 1
    Paragraph 2
    Paragraph 3

    <br><br></div><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">SKILLS</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;"><br>

    (Include your character’s proficiencies. List skills that they've picked up before or after The Outbreak, but keep them reasonable. They need to fit your character's background)
    • SKILL 1 - Description of skill-set
    • SKILL 2 - Description of skill-set
    • SKILL 3 - Description of skill-set
    • SKILL 4 - Description of skill-set
    • SKILL 5 - Description of skill-set
    • ETC
    <br></div><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">INVENTORY</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;"><br>

    (List up to ten separate items that your character possesses. These items may include vehicles, food and water, weapons, memorabilia or miscellaneous gear your character uses to survive. Items of the same name may stack within reason, IE: 5 x bottles of water would count as 1 item. 60 x 9mm bullets would also count as a single item. As your character's story develops, if they find anything to keep during plots, please add the item(s) to this list. At that point, they can start carrying more than 10 items)
    • Item 1
    • Item 2
    • Item 3
    • Item 4
    • Item 5
    • Item 6
    • Item 7
    • Item 8
    • Item 9
    • Item 10
    <br></div><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">RELATIONSHIPS</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;"><br>

    (List here important friends and family, their ages and if they are currently still among the living)
    • Family 1 - Alive
    • Family 2 - Deceased
    • Friend 1 - Deceased
    • Friend 2 - Deceased
    • ETC
    <br></div><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">HISTORY</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;"><br>

    (In at least three paragraphs, describe your character's past events that have lead up to now)

    Paragraph 1
    Paragraph 2
    Paragraph 3

    <br><br></div><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">ROLE PLAY SAMPLE</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;"><br>

    (This is not required, however, if you would like to submit a role play sample, feel free to do so here. Please put paragraph breaks <*p> (without the asterisk) in between each paragraph)

    <br><br></div><br><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">PLAYER STATS</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;">

    <br>your alias: (first name or alias)
    <br>other characters: (who are your other creations?)
    <br>how you found us: (basically where you got our link, be it from another board, resource site.. rpg-d, rp request thread, friend etc.)
    <br>age: (if you feel comfortable giving it)
    <br>rp experience: (what you consider your "level" to be by any standards)
    <br>goals: (what would you like to get out of your RP experience here?)
    <br>contact: (where can players get a hold of you?: pm, aim/msn/yim/skype, email, other)

    </div><br><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div></center>[/dohtml]
    Aug 18 2013, 12:29 AM
    [dohtml]<link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Special+Elite' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'><center><center>

    <div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;">CAYLIX SIOTA</div>

    </center><div style="width:400px;background-color:#101010;height:20px;"></div>

    <img src="http://www.imageshack.com/scaled/large/59/iwqj.jpg">

    <div style="width:400px;background-color:#101010;height:20px;font-family:arial narrow;color:#fbfbfb;font-size:10px;text-transform:uppercase;">

    <marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" width="100%" scrollamount="2">Caylix Siota</marquee>

    </div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;">

    <br>GENDER: Female
    <br>AGE: 25
    <br>BIRTHDATE: July 28th, 1987
    <br>NICKNAME(S): Cay, K
    <br>SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Bisexual

    <br><br></div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#101010;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;">

    <br>PREVIOUS OCCUPATION: Stunt Double/Student
    <br>HOMETOWN: Mobile, AL
    <br>GROUP AFFILIATION: Unaffiliated
    <br>FACE CLAIM: Julia Voth

    <br><br></div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#101010;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;">

    <br>EYE COLOR: Gray
    <br>HAIR: Chestnut
    <br>HEIGHT: 5’9”
    <br>WEIGHT: 134lbs
    <br>BUILD: Lean
    <br>DISTINGUISHING MARKS: A spiny, spiral staircase of tribal tattoos climbs up along the left side of Caylix’s thigh and torso.
    <br>CLOTHING STYLE: Caylix adorns herself with, elastic, cloth fabrics. Typically this includes a heavy, hooded, trench overcoat, track suit and an under layer of tight linked mesh. She wears thick treaded boots on her feet, gorilla grip gloves on her hands, a shoulder strapped holster, a backpack, and a multitude of necklaces around her neck. The jewelry has no specific type, and ranges from Native American-esque feathers to precious metals.
    (In at least three paragraphs, describe your character's overall appearance:)
    It’s said that the questions about a person’s soul can be answered by their eyes. Caylix’s icy, steely eyes are feral, predacious, unsympathetic, and able to identify a person as an animal rather than acknowledge they’re a human being. Instead, those cold pools look ahead at her goals with calculative efficiency and a frosty dedication to do the dirty deeds that so many wouldn’t. Her attractive face is a mask that is speckled with the minor, accidental scars that she’s accumulated over the years. Her hair is greasy, long, impractical, and untidily splashed across her face like a lion’s mane by.
    The spiny, spiral staircase of tribal tattoos that climb up along the left side of Caylix’s thigh and torso tell the story of a pent-up, wild child made free by the death of reason and society. That ink chisels along the evident musculature of Caylix’s body, a body that’s nicked and burned by the abuse of her daring and often misguided choices in life. Those choices were the fires that forged and brandished her body as the capable weapon it has become.
    Caylix stands with her shoulders knocked back and her head cocked back. She casts her narrow eyes down her nose at those she comes across, and though she’s visibly feminine, she carries herself with raw, masculine traits. Though capable of remembering life before the apocalypse, Caylix can seldom recall acceptable or ladylike behavior. Months of being rogue with hate and adrenaline wired into her psyche have pointed her towards a more practical approach, level of fitness, and posturing.

    • AA-12 Assault Shotgun with a 20 shell drum magazine, spare drum mag, breaching barrel, shoulder-sling, and a barrel attached foregrip and tac-light. She has 62 12-gauge buckshot shells and 37 specialized flechette shells
    • Backpack
    • Climbing harness and clips (ascenders, screamers, grabbers) and a thirty-five meter span of compact, woven, welded-tip rope
    • Collapsible, steel grappling hook with a three meter span of durable, compact-woven cord and clip attached to it
    • Flare gun with 20 additional flares
    • Gas fog horn
    • Laced, thick, leather bracer that Caylix’s hawk <a href="http://img197.imageshack.us/img197/9418/redshoulderedhawkovas36.jpg ">Hermes</a> perches upon (He’s currently away for the winter.)
    • Rations: A dozen granola bars and a few bottled waters
    • Small LED AA fed flashlight.
    • Short span jemmy(crowbar)
    • Gen 4 G22 .40 Handgun /w TLR-1S 300 Lumen Weapon Light
    • SWAT Goggles
    • Leather Fanny Pack
    • Plush Dolphin + Officer Connor's Credentials.
    • SWAT Modular Plate Carrier vest
    • Elbow + Knee Pads
    • Police Radio
    • Assorted Batteries
    • 2 Additional G22 15 round magazines
    • Thirty-five meters of spooled fuse.
    (In at least three paragraphs, describe your character's overall personality.)
    Caylix is the very definition of a rogue. She’s her own boss, does what she wants, and enjoys that liberty tremendously. She keeps herself distant from survivors and sees them as a liability and a risk to her goals. In Caylix’s mind, people are wild cards that are far more dangerous than the zombies she has dubbed “Shamblers.” The turned are predictable and avoidable if Caylix chooses to, but she is enraged and sickened by the damage they’ve done. This hatred is multiplied by the fact that most of them used to be people who succumbed to the dead or gave up, both of which she considers to be pathetic and causes Caylix to look on them with disdain. This anger extends to the powers that “let” this happen, like the government, law enforcement, and the military who she believes gave up on America. To Caylix, the only thing she hates worse than the undead are the raiders who kill and take advantage of the weak.<p>
    However, her anger towards those who abuse people is hypocritical. Caylix has used survivors as bait to lure the undead in. She has also killed them in order to silence them, defend herself, or on one of her psychotic breaks. At times, Caylix has been unable to distinguish the difference between her prey and the surviving population of the world. She'll see a person’s face as being deformed, twisted, or maimed like a shambler's face and she does not hesitate on putting them down for good. Because Caylix is so desensitized when it comes to death, she doesn’t let the fact that she has killed haunt her. Instead, the fact that she cannot always believe what she sees devastates her. Caylix is scared she is going crazy or dying and there’s nothing or no one that she can kill to stop it.<p>
    Despite being full of rage, Caylix is intelligent enough to know that hatred and adrenaline are irrational forces that cause a person to go off half-cocked and get killed. She knows that she doesn’t have the power to strong-arm neither raiders nor the undead populace into submission, so she compensates for that lack of strength through strategy. For over a year, Caylix has survived in the Atlanta region by planning ahead and creating escape points and traps. Usually, she plans a trap around one of the explosives she creates in order to maximize the damage she can do to the undead. Caylix is aware of what attracts the hordes and uses this to her advantage. She attacks from multiple safe houses that she sets up through Atlanta and takes pride in the fact that she’s able to do what few others are capable of.<p>
    Caylix is a stoic woman of only a few vocal words, but that doesn’t mean that doesn’t communicate. Instead, her thoughts are projected through body language. Caylix’s thin, angled brows, steely gaze, and scowled lips often give her demeanor away, but a simple act such as turning her back on someone is final and indicative of exactly what she means. Because of that, she’s an easy woman to read. She doesn’t care enough to beguile someone with misdirection by wearing a mask that she doesn’t mean. However, Caylix isn’t above lying. As a ‘hunter,’ she has been known to set traps and sometimes those traps require bait. The average survivor doesn’t take to kindly to the notion of being bait, so Caylix may withhold certain truths in order to manipulate a person into doing what she wants.<p>
    Though Caylix may operate under the pretense that she’s a machine, there was a time when she had normal likes and peeves just like any other woman her age. She has a mild addiction to cheese puffs that she acquired during extended periods of studying and a tolerance for alcohol that she built up when she decided to celebrate afterwards. Back then, Caylix wasn’t inhibited from cutting loose and had her share of lovers; the realization that her parents never approved of any of them was the majority of what made the encounters so appealing. She ran with kids that weren’t her age or in college and developed a taste for the adrenaline that breaking the law provided. Most of these traits carried over into the apocalypse, and though she doesn’t open up to people anymore, she still maintains her dry wit and anarchist’s sense of humor. Caylix will occasionally drop jokes or laugh, but it’s anybody’s guess whether or not she’s truthfully amused or if she’s just going through the motions to put someone else off guard or at ease.<p>
    Caylix’s bird, Hermes, is an intelligent, red-shouldered hawk. Though he has no formal training, tends to himself in the wild, and is a year old, he always returns to Caylix. Hermes is the only thing Caylix seems to care for, but despite being almost two feet long, having a wingspan of just over four feet and being three pounds, Hermes has a chicken heart. He flies off before his life can be threatened and sits out of reach until Caylix is safe to return to. He responds to simple commands. Hermes knows how to lure walkers in by circling over head or by screeching out and has been invaluable to Caylix because of it. At night, Hermes will roost on Caylix’s shoulder until she wakes like he’s protecting her, but in truth it’s probably himself that he’s looking out for.

    • <u>Arsonry/Explosives</u> – Caylix is as attracted to the devastating prowess of fire as moths are. To Caylix, there is something awe-inspiring about the pure, sterilizing destruction that fire brings. It is this lure that urged her to practice, play, and perfect the use of home-made explosives and fire. It is also what coaxed Caylix to study chemistry in college.
    • <u>Choreography</u> - Though Caylix isn’t a martial artist, she picked up enough knowledge about it to make it look legit during choreographed fights/stunts. While this skill doesn’t make her a capable hand-to-hand combatant, it does reinforce her flexibility, knowledge of hand-to-hand, and ability to take a hit due to numerous gaffes while practicing.
    • <u>PK</u> – Years of living with a free spirit and an attraction to shady activities have honed Caylix into an experienced traceuse. She also made use of these abilities in the two movies she acted as a stunt double in. Now, in the apocalypse, her free-running traits are what keep her out of the undead’s grasp.
    • <u>Recreational Climbing</u> - Before her father died, Caylix vacationed with him in his RV motor home and together they scaled numerous mountain faces. Her father taught rec-climbing, and though she is nowhere near as talented as he was, she is still quite a capable climber and is familiar with the gear.
    • <u>Specific Firearm knowledge</u> - Since the world has gone to hell, Caylix has picked up more than a couple guns in order protect herself and kill the undead. Specifically, she came across her AA-12 shotgun and has since learned its capabilities as well as how to load and use it.
    • <u>Strategist</u>- Caylix has survived almost entirely on her own since the outbreak occurred. She does so by superior intellect and skill. Caylix plans each of her moves ahead of time, sets traps, plans escape routes, and times the seconds it takes for walkers to get from point A to point B. In addition, she has mapped out the sewer systems and has taught herself how to read the public blueprints found in City hall. She uses these blue prints to form kill boxes for the shamblers and carefully select her safehouses. She also uses the blueprints to blow out the supports of residential housing complexes in an effort to kill large quantities of walkers at once.
    • <u>Survival</u>- A year amidst the swarm of downtown Atlanta has given Caylix the experience she needs to live. She knows which buildings she has looted and how to get into the ones she hasn’t. She knows how to fortify her safehouses and how to use misdirection to throw the undead off her trail. Caylix knows to aim for the head and has become proficient at hitting her mark. She knows that reach is the best defense against the horde, to keep her distance unless forced, but also how to break free should she ever get tangled up with a one.
    Terry Siota</b>- Father – Deceased
    Michelle Siota</b>- Mother – Deceased
    Knox Siota</b>- Brother – Unknown
    Gregory Simmons </b>- Best Friend – Unknown
    Hermes</b>- Companion – Alive
    Firstborn child and only daughter of a shipyard supervisor and a college marine biology professor, Caylix Siota was born and raised in Mobile, AL. Due to the work-o-holic nature of her parents, she was left to fend for herself and her younger brother until she was twelve. It was at that age that her father was wrongfully fired to avoid the publication of a work-related fiasco. The dilemma was later rectified by a lump-sum of money that was awarded to the Siota’s after a lengthy law suit, and in the end Terry, Caylix’s father, was able to retire early and spend time raising his children.
    Having spent most of her youth on her own with authority over her younger brother Knox, Caylix thought the presence of her father was overbearing, fake, and suffocating. Her father presented the idea to home school the children, buy an RV, and try life on the road. The notion didn’t thrill Caylix and she spoke out against it. Though she and Knox were close, he liked the idea and so Terry took Knox with him and left Caylix with her mother, Michelle. Because Michelle spent long stints of time at the Dolphin Island Sea Lab teaching students, Caylix was often left to her own device.
    Alone and facing the threshold of her teenage years, Caylix made a myriad of shady choices. She made adult friends and grew up fast. She was intelligent enough to pass all of her classes without effort, but the grades were never anything to be proud of. It was easy to lie to her absent parents and she used this misplaced trust to take advantage of her family. Caylix used her father’s money to gain influence with the people she considered fun and exciting by hosting parties, fronting money for liquor and drugs, and by buying outfits to catch the eye of the men she partied with.
    That cycle of use eventually lead to group of small-time anarchists with a knack for breaking the law. Caylix met her best friend Gregory Simmons there, and together, the group set fires to abandoned buildings, vandalized property and liberally partied. She was attracted to the lifestyle, but it was a world apart from the life she went home to. In the summers, Caylix took trips with her brother and father. Her father had begun to teach recreational climbing to people willing to pay and learn, and Terry taught his kids how to do it too. Though Caylix didn’t take her family life as sincerely as other kids, she appreciated the challenge of scaling bluffs, and in time, she learned to respect her father for his persistence and talent.
    Caylix’s summers with her dad were the most fun she ever had with him. She spent nine seasons with him on the rocks and on the river rapids. She learned persistence, physical and mental strength, patience, and that sometimes it was better to go with the flow than to struggle. Most importantly, Caylix learned there was never time to panic. During these trips, she was able to witness her little brother growing up into a man. Knox was a wild child on the rocks; he was reckless and free spirited, but he was also probably more talented at it than Caylix and their father combined.
    When graduation approached, Caylix knew that she would have to attend college in order to keep up appearances with her family. At the same time, she knew how her friends would take to her attending a secondary school system, so she enrolled into a chemistry program in Georgia to avoid the backlash from either side. Caylix’s best friend, Greg, moved with her. He was closer to her than any of the others she spent time with, and he knew the real reasoning behind her relocation.
    Greg and Caylix were more than friends but less than exclusive lovers. The two shared back and forth trysts that acted as a tug-o-war between Caylix’s studies and incriminating habits. Greg still wanted to cut loose and be free, but Caylix was on the verge of realizing that it was time to grow up and do something productive for a change. However, those wild impulses still resided inside of her, and she would often act as Gregory’s wingwoman when he would steal, vandalize, or destroy private and public property. Though Caylix participated in the act itself at times, usually she filled in as a lookout or a distraction for Greg. Sometimes she flashed a little skin, started up conversations, or created a disturbance, but once, she outright pretended to commit a crime in front of a cop. Caylix lanced her hand into a woman’s purse and took off after a cop started chasing her. For almost an hour, Caylix eluded the cops by clearing obstacles, climbing fire escapes and hurdling gaps that the cops wouldn’t attempt. Over a block radius, she taunted the cops until she received a call from Greg that he was finished. Afterwards, she sat atop a rooftop and peacefully surrendered to the authorities.
    Because the woman chose to not press charges, Caylix got off with minor hassles. Her background was thoroughly probed and her parents were notified, but inside of the crowd that witnessed her eluding the police was a stunt coordinator, and he was so impressed by the spectacle that he put her name forward. After a brief academy, Caylix was hired on for a few stunt jobs. Between college, family, and work, Caylix kept her nose out of trouble and stayed busy for the next few years. However, Greg eventually lost his patience for her busy life and began hounding her to help him break into the chemistry storage rooms for a “fun” score. Caylix didn’t want any part of it, but after she was persistently bugged about it; she caved and jammed up the locks one night before she left the campus.
    Despite Caylix’s efforts to allow Gregory access to the chemistry supplies, a silent alarm was triggered and campus security quickly arrived at the building where she was waiting. When security approached her vehicle, she showed them her student ID and vacated the premises. She left Greg to his own means of escape, but he didn’t get away. Greg was caught and charged with trespassing, breaking & entering and attempted burglary, and he was imprisoned inside of a city jail where he awaited trial. Caylix wanted to bail her friend out, but she was afraid that the security and cops would put one and two together and charge her as an accomplice. In the end, how the legal system saw her was irrelevant because within two weeks, the Atlanta area was in complete disarray.
    Reports of “cannibalistic” activity rampantly spread through the air-waves and a great exodus began. People flooded the streets in such a number that traversing the Atlanta roads were almost an impossibility, but Caylix managed to get outside of the city via a recreational bike. She was able to reach her father on her cell phone and it turned out that he was already on his way towards Atlanta. Her father told her that her mother had been bitten by one of the infected people and that she’d died. He said that Knox had witnessed her resurrect from death and that he had to put her back down. Though Caylix was never close to her mother, she took the news hard. She had been bicycling through the heat to evade the quarantine and the traffic caused by the disaster all day, but she had no idea how serious it was until it affected her first hand.
    When Caylix’s father arrived, he told her the plan. He said they would go back to pick up her brother, drive up into the unpopulated mountains, and wait the epidemic out. They never made it back to Alabama though. The RV came to a sputtering, gasless stop and Caylix and her father were forced to tote gasoline containers for miles to find a service station. The two helped themselves to some fuel, but they needed fuel for their bodies as well. They opted to go inside the service station for some food, but while crossing over a hibernating cannibal; it took a bite out of Terry’s leg and sent him into shock. Frozen in fear, Caylix sat against the refrigerated compartments and watched as a second shambler approached her father and latched onto him from behind.
    In silent horror, Caylix watched the two shamblers feed upon her father. They spread his gore and munched upon his limbs until there was nothing to reanimate. The sun fell and rose again, but the dead didn’t bother to come after her. They were content to feed upon Terry until they were bloated and stretched taut at their distended abdomens. Caylix didn’t move until the pains of hunger were impossible to ignore. They overrode the fear she felt, and she found a shotgun behind the counter. She shot them everywhere. She spread their destroyed limbs across the convenient store until she realized exactly what it was that killed them, and then she shot them until she ran out of shells. After vomiting, Caylix ate until she was full and carried as much supplies back to the RV as she could.
    In her disheveled state of mind, Caylix knew that she couldn’t make it anywhere on the 5 gallons of gasoline she managed to carry back with her, so she used that gas to coast off the main road and out into the shade. She stayed there a week. She didn’t travel fifty feet from the RV until her food was gone, and when it was gone, her first thought was to drive back to the service station for more supplies. The RV wouldn’t budge though. It was stuck in the field she drove off into and she didn’t have the knowledge or the tools to get it free. Caylix knew that if she didn’t leave she would starve to death, but she also knew that if she left, she would never be returning to that sentimental vehicle again. It meant the world to her father, but that man was dead, so she took her climbing gear from the RV along with the clothes she had stored away inside of it and left.
    Caylix had little faith that her brother survived, and after she witnessed the digestion of her father, she couldn’t bear to think about what happened to Knox. Because of that, she changed her destination. She needed to get back to her apartment and her place of work. She thought that it would only be a matter of time before the world would get back to normal. She thought there would be someone in charge in Atlanta that would make right all the wrongs she witnessed, but when Caylix arrived back in Atlanta she realized that things were worse than ever.
    The city was devastated by aerial bombings and the killing zones around the quarantine checkpoints, yet all the soldiers had fallen back and left their dead and their vehicles. Caylix managed to get her paws on some military supplies. Most of what she acquired were rations from the troops, but she managed to snag a few weapons as well. The first dozen or so uses were touch and go, but Caylix gradually figured out how to efficiently use the firearms to combat the dead. She eventually made it to the studio where she’d worked on the last motion picture she was a part of, but like everything else, the studio was a wreck. All life had forfeited it to the dead, but it was there that Caylix found her grappling hook. It was used for theory on the prop-replica they used during the stunt shoots, but it was a weapon she was used to tinkering with and with its span of cord, she was comfortable with it due to its reach. It was also at the studio where she ran into the hawk, Hermes. He was a trainer’s pet, but he had been taught to befriend Caylix for the few scenes they had to do together. Whether it was because Hermes had no one else to go to or because he genuinely remembered Caylix was unclear, but the hawk flew to her when she called him.
    Over time, Caylix ran out of ammunition for the guns she collected from the soldiers. The only one she kept was the AA-12. She knew the shells it fired, and it was comfortable, efficient, and for whatever reason, she couldn’t help but to smile at the devastation it could do to a shambler’s face. Caylix had seen so much death that it became second nature to her. The vacuum of the corpses she trampled over, the deaths of survivors she did nothing about, and the gory messes of the biters’ faces she left in her wake siphoned her soul away. It wasn’t long before the only two things that gave Caylix any semblance of happiness were her bird Hermes and the gurgle of a shambler when it died once and for all. She hated them. They were in her dreams. They were everywhere she looked. She could always see those two monsters that ate her father, and in the reimagining of the scene, her father had their faces too. She knew he was, in part, responsible for his own death and that he finished life how she remembered him from her youth: weak.
    The two monsters that ate her father represented humanity in her eyes. They were fat, greedy, impulsive and weak creatures that Caylix felt no remorse in killing. They were the reason she didn’t think twice about leaving survivors stranded, taking their goods so that they were better used, or using them as bait in order to kill as many as those repulsive, rotting bastards as she could. Caylix’s hatred was absolute. Her rage was what drove her onto the campaign to take as much of Atlanta back as she could.
    Over the following year, Caylix devised plans to destroy highly-populated structures, mapped out the sewer system, created a multitude of safe-houses across the city and lost count of how many shamblers she’d killed. It never seemed to make a dent in their numbers though, and no number of them ever erased the memories of watching the living be ripped asunder by their rotting limbs. It got to the point where the faces would even appear on the living or on her own reflection. Caylix wondered how long it would be before she messed up and joined their number.
    Caylix would make even on her additional +1 zombie. She’d continue to go positive as long as she had a single breath in her body.
    </div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#101010;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;">

    <br>your alias: Casey
    <br>other characters: Casey McKorrin
    <br>how you found us: Founder
    <br>age: 22
    <br>rp experience: Several years experience
    <br>goals: Sense of community and friendship alongside of a means to disperse creative energy.
    <br>contact: where can players get a hold of you?: Y!M: TripleNegative


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