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     Rules, IMPORTANT!
     Posted: Aug 30 2013, 02:06 PM
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  • I. Don't exclude others, don't throw insults, don't pester people to post for you, don't steal, and so on.
  • II. Respect your staff. They work hard to make this place enjoyable for you.
  • III. Take drama to IM or PM. Do not openly argue in cbox or in front of members. We will not be lenient on this.
  • IV. All content created by members belong to those members, this includes text and images. Do not steal from them. Seek permission if you would like to borrow something. Seek collaboration for the exchange of ideas.


  • I. The show and graphic novels are intended for mature audiences. However we do ask that you follow the ToS of JCink and keep mature content tasteful. Mild gore and violence is the expected, sexual content is to be done tastefully and without graphic detail; mild profanity is also to be expected. Keep it PG-13.

    Canon Characters:

  • Canon characters are not allowed on this site for the time being and are unlikely to be allowed in the future. By not allowing canons, we hope to both encourage original characters and preserve Kirkman’s canon ideals.


  • I. All new characters will start as unaffiliated unless they are part of an emerging group or their admission has been agreed upon in advance with the group in question and site staff.
  • II. Groups often have a certain plot archetype in mind, and admission to a player's group is ultimately up to them, not the staff or the player that wishes to join said group. Do not harass a group or attempt to bully yourself into their story just because you want to be involved with them. However, you may ask nicely to participate and expect a respectful answer whether it is a yes or a no.
  • III. Information regarding group creation can be found here.
  • IV. You can find a list of all our current groups and a way to get in contact with them here.

    Face Claims:

  • I. We do not allow anime or personal face claims. Pick an athlete, an artist, an actor or a model, but don't use yourself or someone you know. Make sure your graphics fit the setting.
  • II. The claim is first-come-first-serve; claims are not added until after a character is accepted.
  • III. If a character face claim is taken, and that character as not signed on in over 60 days, it is possible that you may take that face claim if you private message an administrator with the name of the face-claim and the player’s account whom they’re currently registered to.
  • IV. You MUST make a face claim when you complete your application.


  • I. Keep it tasteful. No pornographic images, animated or real.
  • II. Avatars may be no larger than 225px wide and 350px tall.
  • III. Signatures may be no larger than 600px wide and 300px tall.
  • IV. Other images, such as those in templates and requests, may have a max size of 600px by 600px.


  • I. Every character must have his or her own account.
  • II. Usernames must be the character's name and they must be registered with their first and last name in proper case. Staff members may adjust your characters name if you mistakenly register wrong or if you’d like your character’s name changed.
  • III. There is currently a maximum character limit of five for community members. This number is to ensure that all accounts remain active.
  • IV. Once every three months, we will have a month long activity check. Members are required to post the names of the characters/accounts they wish to preserve before the activity check expires. Failure to do this will result in the deletion of those accounts. If your accounts are deleted, you may re-register them at a later date and at request, staff can re-accept the characters and return your post count and character's application.
  • V. If you fail to reply to an activity check and your account is deleted, your characters may be used with the staff's consent as NPCs (Non-Player Characters) to further site plots. These plots may include your character's deaths, so please stay on top of activity checks. Giving staff members a warning prior to your departure of your interest in keeping your characters alive will prevent their deaths from taking place.


  • I. Your profile/application will be attached to everything you post. To this end, you are encouraged to update your character’s personality, items, and history as you continue to role-play in the community and progress through your stories.
  • II. The password required for application is: Glossary. By adding this password to your application you agree you have read these rules and understand that if they are broken you will face consequences for those actions.
  • IV. Military personnel and law enforcement type characters will be accepted on a case by case basis. Make sure the applications of these military characters are well written, well thought out, and make sense in the current setting. Accuracy and focus on detail is key. As fun as Rambo is to play, a whole board of Rambo's would likely make for boring role-play. Most survivors of the apocalypse would be everyday heroes with a heavy helping of luck on their side. If you are struggling for an idea of a background for your character, review the source material for TWD or ask staff or the community for assistance.


  • I. Don't god mod, power play, or meta game.
  • II. Please use proper English writing mechanics (quotes around speech, correct punctuation, etc.)
  • III. Spell-check is your friend. Use it.
  • IV. Make sure your posts are readable when it comes to font color, size, etc.
  • V. There is no word minimum. Just make sure you write enough so that others can respond. A good standard would be to shoot for at least one good paragraph, which is 5-6 well thought out sentences. Honestly, we're here to write because we enjoy TWD and writing, so please try to do so.


  • I. No drama, be it personal or character related.
  • II. Be respectful when conversing about sensitive matters such as religion or politics. Know that not everyone thinks the same way as everyone else and don’t belittle them for thinking the way they do.
  • III. No Spamming. (auto spam guard is in place so please watch that)
  • IV. Be polite.
  • V. No advertising of any kind in CBOX.
  • VI. No posting malicious links which contain malware or viruses.
  • VII. Staff members have the final say on what conversations are allowed to persist in the CBOX. If one asks you to change or drop a topic, please do so. Failure to comply will almost always result in a temporary (1 hour) ban from the CBOX.

    Consequences for Violating Rules:

  • I. Since every violation is not equal, we do not punish every offense equally. Major trespasses such as hack attempts, repeated harassment of a community member, and spreading OOC drama throughout the community will be punished severely with long-term or permanent bans. Other offenses such as meta-gaming or god-modding will have the offending posts edited and the players warned. Typical issues such as arguments in the CBOX will result in a temporary ban (1-3 hours) for all party members involved so that everyone will be allowed time to cool off.

    Original rules by flicker

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