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Role-playing anywhere in the Former United States is encouraged. We have designed this forum to be expanded, shaped and molded directly by the players themselves. This is your country now.


Come, we invite you to tell your story.

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     Introduction To The Site, Welcome
     Posted: Aug 23 2013, 12:44 PM
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    Welcome to our The Walking Dead role-play and writing site. We are excited to have this opportunity to write stories with you based in the fascinating and dark post-apocalyptic world that Robert Kirkman created and that AMC displayed so well through its TV Drama of the same name.

    A few things that you should know about this site from the start:

    -Though we love the Canon characters of TWD universe, we are very interested to see what new personalities you can create and bring to the writing of this site. As such, sadly, canon characters are not allowed to be role-played here.

    -We are a pretty laid-back group in terms of keeping up with posts and activity. As most of us are busy with education, work, or family, we try to keep the pressure to write rapidly at a minimum. That being said, for a site such as this to work, some time commitments must be met. In general, members are expected to post new threads or responses to others about once a week. Semi-annual activity checks will ensure that the site roster stays filled with those actually actively participating in the site.

    -We encourage anyone investigating the site to pop into our enabled chat box (Labeled CBOX in the upper left-hand corner) and make themselves known. Though conversation there may at time seem goofy, the membership of this site is known for giving warm welcomes, for answering application or writing questions, or for just helping foster some quality commentary on life and its many interesting events. Investigators are also encouraged to role-play some in our open-to-all thread The Camp. This is a great place to test characters you wish to play, or just have some fun in our universe without fully committing to the site.

    -The timeline of this site starts at roughly day 365 after the outbreak, or about one year from the beginning of the Atlanta plague. Many of the stories on this site also take place away from explained sites of TWD lore. As such, creativity is encouraged, as long as it does not conflict with the established concepts of TWD world. It is expected that the writing of the site is likely to deviate from that of the core story told in the comics, the AMC drama, and the Telltale Games adventure. See the site timeline to get a feel of where the site time fits in terms of the major canon character events of TWD.

    Thank you again for having an interest in joining us. Head on over to the rules section for a more detailed explanation of the above points, or head over to the application section and create a new member of the struggling survivors of humanity.

    In whatever way you choose to participate here, we welcome you.
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