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     Day 365, Overall RP Plot
     Posted: Aug 23 2013, 12:41 PM
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    It is day 365, roughly one year since the initial outbreak of the apocalypse in Atlanta, and humanity is on the brink of extinction. Around the globe, the plague that caused the dead to rise and attack the living has shattered every major world power and brought what was once a technologically-superior global society back to a primitive anarchy-filled existence.

    Of particular note is the cradle of this vicious disease; the former United States of America. The once-great might of America is in tatters. The government and leadership was last reported as having fled to Hawaii for safety. The military backbone of the US Armed Forces is scattered between underground bunkers and small holdouts amid oceans of undead. From the forested mountains of the northwest to the balmy coastlines of the southeast, all major cities have crumbled into small bands of hopeless survivors desperately clinging to life amid their new post-apocalyptic world.

    Death runs rampant. While the threat of the living dead has lessened some due to weather, nature, and time, a scourge of raiders and tyrants has arisen to fill the void of power that once was filled by a stable government. Those few surviving souls with hopes and good intentions still in their hearts have been forced to band together into armed communities in the interest of their common safety. Generally organized around one or two charismatic leaders or cultural themes, these small city-states trade and occasionally war with one another as they madly scramble to scavenge whatever supplies that may be looted from the rotting steel corpses of the massive former metropolises around them.

    It is into this dark and shattered former nation that your survivor finds himself or herself thrown. Where will they go, when colony after colony collapses under raids or inner turmoil? What will they do for food, when the dwindling supply of sustenance finally runs out? Who will they turn to, when their very dearest friends and family have betrayed them, or have risen from the ground to devour them?

    What will your character do to survive, three-hundred and sixty-five days later, when the very race they were born into faces its own extinction?

    This site is a collection of stories of those that have chosen to hope, to dream, to fight, and to survive; those who have decided that living in and fighting through a nightmare is better than sleeping and surrendering to death and despair.

    These are the chronicles of their survival.
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