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     Welcome and Rules, Guest Forum
     Posted: Dec 21 2013, 09:13 PM
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    Welcome to our site!

    This guest forum is designed to give visitors a chance to taste test the RP available to them on this site. It also gives them the opportunity to contribute to the site's RP, be they just a visiting friend or instead someone interested in joining our family. It is also a handy place to give any potential characters you want to try writing a play test in a temporary environment, without requiring a full application to be written for them first.

    In short, its a place for visitors and members of this site alike to just write whatever short stories come to them, and to enjoy each other's company in the rich universe of TWD.

    A few rules to know before posting in this forum.

    (1) We reserve the right to delete or edit anything that is posted within our guest forums. While we don't plan to do so often, the internet is flush with greifers and trolls, and such behaviors or posts will not be tolerated.

    (2) While this is not a PG-only thread, we do encourage posts to keep sexual activity at a minimum. Grotesque levels of violence will also be edited as needed. Obviously, zombie fighting can get squishy, but even we have limits.

    (3) Characters created in this forum can be from any location, and go to any location afterward (including the trash if you don't like them). However, the characters created by visitors are exactly that ... their characters. Thus, no God-Modding or taking over other's characters as your own personal puppet NPCs.

    (4) As the thread is designed around a transient trade camp, it is expected that there will be a lot of character entrances and exits. As such, plan most of your threads as solo threads, unless otherwise worked out with other posters.

    (5) Have fun. It seems a silly rule to state, but the idea of this thread is to keep things moving, light, and fun. Lets not drag it down with infighting or ridiculous amounts of character or personal drama.
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