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     Catrina Cross
     Posted: Aug 18 2015, 12:24 AM
    Quote Post
    Daddy's Little Girl
    Gymnast / Student
    17-August 15
    1 posts
    played by Zebra
    Awards: None

    Catrina Claire Cross
    I'm like a bird, I'll only fly away. I don't know where my soul is, I don't know where my home is. All I need for you to know is...

    GENDER: Female
    AGE: Eighteen
    BIRTHDATE: May 1st
    NICKNAME(S): Trina, Cat, Kitty
    READ RULES: Glossary

    PREVIOUS OCCUPATION: All state gymnastics, soon to be college student.
    HOMETOWN: (Where your character is from)
    FACE CLAIM: Cora Keegan


    HAIR COLOR: Blonde
    EYE COLOR: Hazel
    ETHNICITY: White
    HEIGHT: 5'10
    WEIGHT: 102
    BUILD: Thin and very slender yet athletic. "Modest" curves.
    DISTINGUISHING MARKS: One tattoo that no one knows about on her right hip bone.
    CLOTHING STYLE: Jeans, shorts, skirts if she can find them or has them leftover from before. All the girly things she can find and she cuts off all her shorts and usually ties up her tops. Her hair is almost always down and she uses her slowly dwindling supply of eyeliner and chapstick daily.


    Before the whole zombie outbreak Trina was a very girly and active girl. She would wear sundresses and sunhats and go on long walks and spend most of her time with her gymnastics or reading in the park. She used to be into more trivial things until those things no longer existed. Shoes, clothes, Cosmo magazine, the things a teenage girl thrived on.

    Since the outbreak and being in Campus she has changed somewhat because she is no longer as "free" to be herself now that she sometimes feels like a princess locked away in a castle or that she is under constant watch by her father's "guards." She knows he means well and wants to protect her but sometimes its too much.

    When she does manage to get time out of her room and her father's sight she normally just goes for walks and does her best to keep up on he gymnastics and cardio to stay fit just in case there is ever a need to flee Campus. She has never smoked, drank, or done drugs in her life and, up until the outbreak was a hardcore vegan... guess that's out the window now. She is still, however, daddy's spoiled little girl.


    Independent. Catrina is very independent which is a bad combo with her overbearing and overprotective father keeping watch on her all the time. She hates to be treated like a child which she feels like she still is. She is capable of a lot more than people assume she is but she never really gets the chance to prove herself.

    Rebellious. Not TOO badly of course. Mostly she just wants her space. She wants to be free to go for a walk when she wants to, to be able to go swimming and not have to radio back every twenty minutes. She has a big personality and wants to be social, to be out and about with the others in campus without a bodyguard.

    Free spirited. She used to have a sort of hippy vibe with her addiction to candles, vegan food and folk music. However she is very easy going about it as well and never forced it on anyone. She was big on "respecting everyone" and "loving fellow man and woman" vs being closed off in your own clique and she used to, can, and does make friends with almost anyone she can get close enough to talk to.


    (Include your character’s proficiencies. List skills that they've picked up before or after The Outbreak, but keep them reasonable. They need to fit your character's background)
    • Flexible - Being a gymnast she is flexible and agile. She can bend and fit into small spaces, jump, run, and is generally very athletic and spry as well as well conditioned.
    • Quiet - She can keep herself very, very quiet which is important when your main opponents can find you with their ears.
    • Intelligent - She was rather good in school and had a pretty good grasp of sciences which is helpful sometimes with growing food and things like that. She also grew up on a farm and knows her way around crops.


    (List up to ten separate items that your character possesses. These items may include vehicles, food and water, weapons, memorabilia or miscellaneous gear your character uses to survive. Items of the same name may stack within reason, IE: 5 x bottles of water would count as 1 item. 60 x 9mm bullets would also count as a single item. As your character's story develops, if they find anything to keep during plots, please add the item(s) to this list. At that point, they can start carrying more than 10 items)

    Catrina literally has never left Campus since it was founded and her father brought her there. She doesn't usually leave her room either, but she has items she carries when walking around such as water, and her pistol for emergencies. [/LIST]


    (List here important friends and family, their ages and if they are currently still among the living)
    • Family 1 - Darren Cross, 42, Living
    • Family 2 - Esme Cross, 29, Deceased


    The first handful of years of her life, Catrina was under the impression her father was a superhero and she was a princess of course. He was off saving the world in the Army and she was doing gymnastics and mommy daughter dance classes and when he would come home to visit it was like her whole world would stop. She was ALWAYS a daddy's girl and he always seemed to show up right when she needed him... including when her mother died.

    When her mother died her dad scooped her up and took her to live with his parents on a farm. He left the military in favor of raising her and again, he was a super hero to her. Driving her back and forth to school, to dance classes, to the gym, to competitions, to anything and everything she wanted to do. He gave her that you can do it attitude that got her into Georgia Southern University which they were visiting at the time the outbreak had gone public and viral.

    Once Campus was established she was (and still is) sheltered. She and her father and his second, a woman she thought was just beautiful and a sweetheart, had been there from the very beginning. And if you asked her...it was only a matter of time before those two decided they liked each other. She may be eighteen, but she's not stupid.



    your alias: Zebra
    other characters: Parker Andrews
    how you found us: Cool people
    age: 25
    rp experience: LOTS
    goals: Zombies
    contact:PM for skype

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