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    Custom Title: Sometimes bad guys are the only good guys you get
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    Jul 17 2014, 02:03 AM
    It had been awhile since that talk with Art and Samuel in the loft of the warehouse. A few days at least. And Lacey was back to her usual ways. She would go around the warehouse, but that was really it. She helped out with what needed to be helped out with. She did her part, pulled her weight. If she was asked to do something she did it. She did offer her skills, because people saw that she was very efficient. She knew how to work fast. She was learning fast with the gun training that Art was giving her too, and it gave her something at least to look forward too. She kept locked inside herself, inside her emotions. Art.. she trusted him. But she'd never really let anyone in. It was just the sad truth of the matter. As Art said.. she was the best gatherer out of anyone in the group.. but she pulled away when everyone went over their finds. It was just that she was scared. She was afraid to admit her past because she was afraid the group would shun her. She was afraid to share what had possessed her..what needed she had for her skills.

    Here she was today though, needing an outlet. She needed some way to let all of her feelings out. She couldn't climb anything, because Art wanted her to stay close to the ground. That was hard for her. She didn't dare try her hand at her.. well other skills besides foraging and gathering things. She wouldn't do that to these people. They weren't like the people she would take down. They were survivors like her. she had heard his voice again in her sleep. "LACEY.. LACEY... please. Know that I love you. Don't leave me." She closed her eyes in the present day and tried to breath through that. She hated to think of all of that.. she hated to think of the things that happened back then. All of it was so fresh in her mind like it could have happened yesterday. And.. the only outlet she had now.. was running. She loved running. It didn't just keep her fit anymore. But going on a morning jog.. it always helped her when she knew a bad day or something on the way. So her she was, in the main part of the ware house, getting ready to go out.

    She was stretching right this minute. Her blonde hair was pulled in a ponytail, her bangs fringing her forehead and just almost touching the blue eyes that looked at the door as she stretched. On her thin frame she wore a blue sports bra, black shorts.. which she had gotten on a run from a sports supply store. She had on some running shoes, also found on a run. while she was stretching, she put her hands on her hips, her fingers accidentally brushed the scar on reaching from her bra line, to the small of her back. The scar was visible now..and she pulled her hands off, slight tears in her eyes. Her body was marred..and so was her mind. She had no idea she had been walked in on.. and she just stood there, her arms around her self. "I want it to stop!" She had accidentally said.. a little louder than she should have. "I wanna be okay. I wanna be normal!" She was having one of her bad days..a very bad one.
    Jun 12 2014, 01:40 PM

    So this is a want ad for Lacey Davis's boyfriend before the apocalypse. His name was Adrian Riddell. While Lacey was a thief who was trained to work as one to bring down corrupt business and world leaders, she met a hacker who worked for the group she'd later join as a hacker, or someone who could use his skills to hack almost any database that could be thought of to get helpful information. The last time she had ever seen Adrian or the rest of their team at all was during a bank heist when they sent Adrian in to hack into the security system..and Lacey went with him. A bomb went off in the back corridor of the bank where the two were..and they were trapped. The last thing Lacey remembers at all was waking in the hospital, and then a few years after, the apoc. started.

    Adrian would be very in tune in her quirky ways.. and not only is she bi.. but he would understand that while loving him.. she would sometimes experiment because even in this world because she still never lost her out there personality. But the two, if someone takes him would still be very in tune with loving each other. History, personality, and everything, and up to meeting Lacey and the team is up to you! Just a big part of his life would be the team and falling in love with Lacey, and now, a big part of his life would be the apoc. of course. If you need any more help if you take him, PM me or --->HERE!!<--- is Lacey's app!

    FACE CLAIM WANTED: Aldis Hodge

    AGE: Early to middle 30's

    You could also have him be traveling alone at first and then find Bridgendand Lacey later, or however you wanted to play it.
    Jun 10 2014, 12:15 AM
    Lacey.. well she had been here for awhile now. She couldn't say she was all too new to the place, because she really wasn't all that new. She'd been in the beginning of Bridgend since Art found her. Honestly that was the only one that she trusted enough to hold a true conversation with. Sure, she was friendly as she could possibly be to the others in the group. But it wasn't easy for her. In fact it was tough for her to get into anything with how she was. Sure she was the woman that would go around with a bowl full of dry cereal.. sometimes when she did manage to get that luxury. She was that woman that could make everyone smile and laugh.. or give them some words of encouragement. But behind it all..and the only one she had ever told any of this to was Art in the first place, but she was deeply scarred. She had a lot of emotional issues that no one else saw. She had only even told Art half of what her past was like. There was so much more to it.

    She sighed as she was walking about the warehouse on this day. She wasn't in her room.. so she was in her usual attire. A black fitted tee, not wearing her jacket since she wasn't outside. Her shoulder length blonde hair hung down her back and swished when she walked. Her thin frame was even more so slim looking when it was covered not only by the black shirt, but by the black boot cut jeans and black boots that clicked on the warehouse's concrete flooring. She sighed as she looked out the windows. She could see some dead milling out by the fences. She'd go out to the roof soon. She was getting lessons with a gun and shooting long range. She was better with her machete. Honestly, people wouldn't understand why she walked around with one holster with a taser in it.. and the other with a large menacing looking machete. But a girl had to protect herself right?

    Sighing as she walked around the warehouse, even looking up into the rafters.. she was wondering.. if she couldn't test her luck. She decided not to piss Art off by climbing the warehouse today..though he usually understood her quirks. She would do the strangest damn things sometimes. But honestly as long as she had been here, they apparently stopped questioning her all together. Well that was a good thing because she didn't have the answers that people were wanting. Although..on some days she preferred to be alone, today, Lacey wanted to get out. And.. she was honestly wondering if there was anyone around. then she heard someone walking behind her. She had keen senses.. had to develop them with her past life. "Whose here?" She turned to see who was walking around. This was one of the more quiet parts of the warehouse that she came sometimes. Had someone found one of her hidey holes? "I don't mind.. this is one of my spots is all.." she said. She really did kind of want SOMEONE to talk to her at least.
    Jun 6 2014, 08:42 PM
    <center><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">LACEY CHEYANNE DAVIS</div>

    <div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div>

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/0uZIyEY.jpg?1">

    <div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;font-family:arial narrow;color:#fbfbfb;font-size:10px;text-transform:uppercase;">

    <marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" width="100%" scrollamount="2">Sometimes bad guys are the only good guys you get</marquee>

    </div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;">

    <br>GENDER: Female
    <br>AGE: 29
    <br>BIRTHDATE: February 13, 1985
    <br>NICKNAME(S): Lace, Lacey-Chey
    <br>SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Bisexual (Prefers men or women depending on her mood on a given day)
    <br>READ RULES: Glossary

    <br><br></div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;">

    <br>PREVIOUS OCCUPATION: Theif (worked on a team who used their individual skills to thwart corrupt business officals, politicians, ETC.)
    <br>HOMETOWN: Grew up in foster care in about four states, was originally born to her birth parents in Athens, Georiga
    <br>GROUP AFFILIATION: Bridgend
    <br>FACE CLAIM: Beth Riesgraf

    <br><br></div><br><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">APPEARANCE</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;">

    <br>HAIR COLOR: Blonde
    <br>EYE COLOR: Light blue
    <br>ETHNICITY: Caucasian
    <br>HEIGHT: 5 foot 7 inches tall
    <br>WEIGHT: 120 pounds
    <br>BUILD: Slender, smaller-boned
    <br>DISTINGUISHING MARKS: She has a tattoo of a star on her right wrist in black ink
    <br>CLOTHING STYLE: She can be wearing a tight black fitted t-shirt that while is still slightly tight on her, she easily moves around in it. On her bottom half, while she’s in privacy.. she usually isn’t known to be wearing anything at all, same with a top, which if completely by herself in her down time when say, she gets to be in her room, she’ll wear nothing but her under garments and maybe a loose t-shirt. But when she’s out, she’ll be seen with the black fitted tee, black boot cut jeans, heavy black leather biker boots, and a black leather jacket.

    When she's alone, well.. it's not rare for her to have nothing on. If she does while she's alone, then it's not much at all. She'll either have nothing on, or she'll be walking around in her underwear, a bra.. or if she's just feeling like it, she'll walk around in her underwear and a loose t-shirt. She's just not afraid to walk around in barely anything on, even though she's not a whore. She's got some pride, but really doesn't care what people think of her ways of doing this. But, knowing that there are in fact children walking around the Bridgend Compound, she will dress while she's out and about, in a black fitted tee-shirt, black boot cut jeans, a black leather jacket, and black biker boots. So while she isn't opposed to walking around pretty much naked, rest assured that she does wear clothes when it's probably best to. Her clothes look slightly baggy on her, but tight enough that walkers don't grab onto it so she doesn't worry about being snatched by one by accident. She also is used to the weight of her clothes, so moving is not a problem. And she will also be spotted with either one of or both of her weapons, her taser and her machete attached to her belt.
    Lacey is a thin woman.. always was a thin woman. She stands at a little over average height, at five foot seven feet. She weighs a total of one hundred and twenty pounds. She has blond wavy hair that reaches to just about at hear shoulders. Her hair is either kept in a right ponytail when she's out and doing runs or patrols and taking down walkers, or if she's where she can have relaxation and rest, her hair will be hanging loosely over her shoulders and down her back. She still keeps herself well groomed the best she can, brushing her hair, but other than that, she still has the unkempt look that most people sport in this world and it hasn't yet changed. Her slender frame makes it easy to be very flexible and she can maneuver her body to get into tight places, like air ducts and things of that sort.
    Even though with her slim stature making it look like she wouldn't be much of a fighting force, then someone would be dead wrong if they made this assessment. Because she is so little, she can be quick on her feet so she uses that to her advantage. She doesn't really stand out among anyone else.. she more or less keeps herself pretty plain. The only thing you would remotely notice on her is the star tattoo on her right wrist in black ink, if you notice it at all. Other than that, She is a very plain, petite, but very pretty and strong woman, and it shows. She hasn't let the ugliness of the world mar her.

    <br><br></div><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">PERSONALITY</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;"><br>

    It can be said that Lacey is a very quirky person at best. She has her little moments where she can be very random and.. maybe at times slightly inappropriate. She really has no filter between her brain and her mouth, and it's been shown before. She doesn't really stop to think about what she says and she's a 'take no crap' from anyone person. If someone doesn't like something that she says.. then she's sorry it was offensive but in the world that she's a part of now, she has stopped caring pretty much if too many people get overly offended by something she says. She has been known to pop off randomly with things sometimes. If she's annoyed then she will let you know though. But most of the time she's just random, and she will laugh at certain things that other people might not find funny. She can be sweet though, and she's easy to get along with. Along with being quirky and sweet though, she also can have a fiery temper and she's opinionated. Get on her bad side and she won't hesitate to show that what's pushing her buttons was the wrong thing.
    While she can in fact be sort of loud, and a little crazy (maybe.. she just doesn't see herself as crazy) in a good way, she can also be serious when it comes down to it. If she has to put a cap on all the little quirks and be serious and get things done, then she can and will. She is a fighter if she has to be and she knows what is happening in the world. While she acts naive and weird and crazy, she actually does have common knowledge. She knows what is acceptable in this world and what will keep you alive. She's smart, she knows her way around and it shows. She is knowledgeable about things, and all you would have to do is ask if you wanted to know about certain things or places that she has either cased or been in. She is a friendly person, and she makes friends easily. She doesn't like fighting but if she has to to survive then she will. She grew up with that philosophy.
    It's tricky for her to trust easily, even though she does associate and get along with the others in the group.. she just might not trust people to get too close at first. If you take the time to build up a meaningful relationship with her though, and show her that she doesn't have to keep everything inside, then you'll make fast friends with her. She has a very soft spot for children, and it shows when she meets one. The downside to all of her strengths and good natured attitude is.. that she can have very bad moments where sometimes.. the world just crashes down upon her, and sometime she can't take all of the pressure when too much is put on her at once. She can handle doing things, but if someone pushes her buttons, and too much emotional pressure builds up, all of the problems she has with herself will bubble to the surface and cause her to break down because she doesn't know how else to let out her anger and frustration, so she would be likely to just go hide and sob her eyes out until she's calm. All and all.. she's weird, a little crazy, strange even, but she has a big heart, and like everyone else, she's just trying to survive, and she does care about the ones of the group, Bridgend that she's apart of, and while she could certainly be annoying at times, she would do anything for them to keep them and herself thriving.

    <br><br></div><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">SKILLS</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;"><br>
    • SKILL 1 - Lockpicking: Can be useful if getting into locked places if needed
    • SKILL 2 - Crackshot with her taser
    • SKILL 3 - Skilled with her weapon: She can use her machete very effectively to bring down walkers
    • SKILL 4 - Athleticism/flexibility: Her stature and being very athletic from having to learn how to move fast, and her ability to bend her slim body makes it easy for her to get into places some can't. She also has good endurance.
    • SKILL 5 - Knows information about how to get into certain places or get certain things: Her past skills make her able to, if need be, explain how you can get into certain places the best, fastest, and easiest ways possible. She has adapted this skill to this world.. and has studied how best to avoid walkers if on raids or runs.
    • SKILL 6 - Minor hand-to-hand fighting skills: Though she's not all that knowledgeable with fighting, if she has to defend herself she can and will.
    <br></div><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">INVENTORY</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;"><br>
    • An X26C police issue taser (found at an abandoned police station; uses it to defend against a human attack against her if she has to): HERE!
    • Gerber serrated edge machete: HERE!
    • Pictures of her parents (her foster parents, but her real parents to her in all respects) that she keeps in her jeans pocket
    • Leather machete holster that holds her machete on her hip on her belt.
    • Taser holster that clips onto the other side of her belt
    • Charger for her taser
    • A picture of her and her assumed dead boyfriend
    • A picture of her and the team she used to be a part of, who fought against corrupt leaders of businesses and politics
    <br></div><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">RELATIONSHIPS</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;"><br>
    • Mother: Birth mother-Eliza Jenkins [Unknown, hasn’t seen since she was five], Adoptive mother- Belinda Davis- [Deceased]
    • Father: Birth father: Brett Jenkins [Unknown, hasn’t seen since she was five], Adoptive Father- Archie Davis [Deceased]
    • Boyfriend: Adrian Riddell [Believed to be deceased after getting caught in an explosion that they were accidentally caught in during a bank robbery when they were in the wrong place at the wrong time]
    <br></div><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">HISTORY</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;"><br>

    Lacey Cheyanne Davis, a ward of the state since she was five years old was originally born Lacey Cheyanne Jenkins in Athens, Georgia the day before Valentines day, a cold dreary day on February 13th, 1985. The couple was young, and they tried their very best to provide for their daughter. They loved their little girl with a passion, but they were a very much a much poorer family. They fell below middle class at best, and just barely made enough to get by. The family struggled, they tried to stay above the grid, but it was too much for the young family. They only made it for five years, and the couple ran out of money..and they had a hungry child that they didn't know how to keep feeding. They loved Lacey, but as much as they loved her, they had to make the hardest decision of their lives and that was to give five year old Lacey up for adoption. She screamed, cried.. begged her parents in the small child way..but they couldn't keep her alive even with the help family and welfare provided. She never saw her parents again when she became part of the foster system at that young age.

    She saw five foster homes in four states, two foster homes and foster families in Memphis, Tennessee and the same family having moved to Tallahassee, Florida about a year later. The next two foster homes and foster families, one was in another part of Florida, ironically while the couple couldn't once again afford to keep her after running out of funds with their foster care fund. When she was a young girl still, only having just turned eight after having been made a prospect for a foster family in California, the Davis's. The couple was wealthy, owning a winery in the wine country of California. But it wasn't their wealth that made them the prospect. They led very interesting lives, behind their facade of a couple that made and sold wine for a living, and couldn't have children. The were part of an undercover Government operation in which they helped the Government of the United States bring down corrupt business leaders, politicians and the like, but of course.. this was never told to anyone, so Lacey was adopted to this couple, Belinda Davis (a Grifter or someone who could use her abilities to blend her self into any situation while going under cover,) and Archie Davis (a Theif who could use his abilites to steal valued information that could help a case.) So Lacey grew up in comfort with this family..and learned all the tricks of their trade.

    When she grew up, and was old enough to be away from Archie and Belinda, they had taught her everything that knew and sent her on her way to being a Theif, to use her skills for good. Archie having trained his daughter in his ways. Lacey had learned to case buildings.. study how to get through security systems. Everything you would think of. She learned how to blend herself in.. not draw attention to herself. A few years of doing this work, a man found Lacey. This mans name was Jakob Brando. Jakob led a team of men and women who went under the radar and formed a group who did the same thing as her parents had done.. but in a different way. The man recruited her for her skills, and Lacey became part of a team with the head, the plan maker, Jakob, a Grifter, like her mother, Amy Adams, A hitter (the muscle of the team) and the man who became like an older brother for her, Adam Drake. And finally, a hacker, a man who could use his technology skills to get in just about anywhere and find information on people, places, and things, Adrian Riddell. She spent five years on this team taking down corrupt people who used the system for evil gain and forming bonds that she thought unbreakable.

    Then.. when she thought nothing would ever go wrong in her life.. it did. She was on a case of a corrupt bank owner. She had tried to get into the building through a back entrance with Adrian's help while the others cased the building..and unknowingly, the security team had outsmarted Adrian.. but so had bank robbers. The two were trying to get through the back way of the bank, and the bomb they had no idea was even in the building.. exploded. She was trapped in rubble, as was Adrian. She had absolutely no idea what happened to Adrian or the others of her team when she woke up in the hospital. The said that she had been hurt.. enough to need surgery on her back. But she recovered, but mentally, emotionally, and physically scarred. She still never knew if she would see her team again.. and then.. things only went from completely bad, to worse.

    A few years passed and she had still no contact with her team. She did freelance work. Still trying to do the best job that she could to honor her parents who still believed she knew, taking down the bad people in the world who deserved it. But it just wasn't the same. And then.. her life was once again turned upside down. She tried returning home, when she was about 28 years old.. only to find that her home was over run with dead and decaying dead that had risen once again. she tried..and tried to find her parents but to no prevail. She knew that if she didn't get out, she would never survive it. So.. mustering all of her strength, and the knowledge that she could no longer stay where she was, she sat out on the road. And now, after having traveled, practically starved but somehow getting by, she came across the state she was born in.. where the place was even more clogged with the rotting dead, and she then found her way to a group who took her in, named Bridgend. And now, she lives there.. trying to pull her weight and survive like the rest of them.

    <br><br></div><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">ROLE PLAY SAMPLE</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;"><br>
    <br><br></div><br><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">PLAYER STATS</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;">

    <br>your alias: Kris
    <br>other characters: Dawson Cates, Daylon Tanoma
    <br>how you found us: Found you while advertising my sites!
    <br>age: Eighteen, nineteen soon!
    <br>rp experience: Intermediate/advanced
    <br>goals: To have fun!
    <br>contact: PM/EMAIL/YIM/SKYPE
    </div><br><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div></center>[/dohtml]
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