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    Mar 8 2016, 03:50 PM

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    The madness started when She left. We were once able to live carefree lives. It was never perfect, but it was home. Now, great change and discord have settled among us, manipulating everything that we once knew.

    Mysterious, unexplained deaths. People seeming to vanish into thin air. Continents falling into the raging seas. Things once thought to be myths have become a reality. The Rulers that have protected us for so long are powerless to stop whatever is causing the pandemonium.

    Those who know about this series of unfortunate events might say that the end of days has come. Others claim that if we brave the chaos, what we find will be our utopia - shaped by sacrifices and insanity. But some of us believe that to face it… Is to Step into Oblivion...
    JCink Premium | No word count | 18+ | Rating 3/3/3
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