We are an original character post-apocalyptic forum role-play site
set in the universe of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead.

Because we value originality and creativity, cannon characters are unavailable for play. They get their time to shine, now it's yours. We know you will be able to establish a character worthy of being chronicled in the history books of this new dystopia.

Role-playing anywhere in the Former United States is encouraged. We have designed this forum to be expanded, shaped and molded directly by the players themselves. This is your country now.


Come, we invite you to tell your story.

Our inspiration is divined from their respective owners & creators:

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    Allison Marx Survivor 30-June 15 1
    Andrew Monzerano Survivor 17-August 14 7
    Artyom Kozyrskii Survivor 1-December 13 9
    Ava Survivor 19-October 14 1
    Berislav Zajec Survivor 15-September 13 12
    Brailey Davis Survivor 30-August 13 30
    Bree Evans Survivor 7-August 14 4
    CATRINA CROSS Survivor 17-August 15 1
    Caylix Siota Survivor 25-August 13 3
    Charlie Mayfield Survivor 29-August 14 2
    Chris Terse Survivor 27-March 15 2
    Claire McGuire Survivor 3-November 14 6
    Dallas Kane Survivor 20-August 14 13
    Darren Cross Survivor 17-August 15 1
    Dean Kravat Survivor 23-December 14 0
    Deathhand Survivor 2-November 14 1
    Demothi O'Dowd Survivor 4-September 14 0
    Dominic Leary Survivor 17-May 14 20
    Donovan Martin Survivor 3-September 14 30
    Elder Sartan Survivor 21-August 13 37
    Ellios Jakothie Survivor 23-December 14 0
    Emily Fumiko Marston Survivor 29-May 14 15
    Gaia Valencia Survivor 22-May 14 13
    Garret Morgan Survivor 3-September 13 18
    Grace Lee Survivor 10-June 15 1
    Grant Vanzexis Survivor 5-August 14 2
    Ian Boldt Survivor 4-November 14 8
    Ivy Blais Survivor 24-November 13 25
    Jack Everend Survivor 30-August 14 25
    Jackson Brentwood Survivor 28-April 14 0
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