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     The Lounge, open for business
    Jimmy Romero
     Posted: Aug 9 2015, 02:07 PM
    Quote Post
    17-June 15
    5 posts
    played by Jonah
    Awards: None

    Jimmy kicked in the door, automatic rifle in one hand, resting against his shoulder, and the mushed remains of a banana in the other. "AND ANOTHER THING-" He shouted, before freezing, realizing he was in the wrong AU thread.

    "Oh- oh, shit, sorry guys." Jimmy stammered, blushing and slowly starting to back away. "Wrong thread..." He laughed, clearing his throat awkwardly and waving. "I'll, uh... Leave you guys be. Sorry again!"
    Rudy Gillespie
     Posted: Aug 9 2015, 02:40 PM
    Quote Post
    The High King
    Running away
    Not getting caught
    10-June 15
    4 posts
    played by Soren
    Awards: None

    (to better understand Jimmy's post, read this AU thread from two years ago on the old invisionfree site HERE ]]

    Rudy strolled into the lounge, a friendly smile plastered across his face upon recognizing the familiar scent of the plant he'd grown up to love and sell nearly his entire life. "Hold up. You all are having a party and didn't invite me?" The tall man revealed a ziplock baggy containing an eighth of cali catatonic medical weed, and tossed it to ghost Leroy. "Roll that up, bro." He was passed the blunt from Johnny, and Rudy couldn't help but gawk at how attractive he was even though he totally planned on robbing them in that other thread they were in.

    He spun around on his heels and caught Jimmy before he could leave, taking the remains of the mushed banana out of his hands and stuffing it into his mouth. "Mhm! This dude tastes great as a banana!" Who would have known emptying an entire magazine into a banana would give it such a crisp and tender flavor.

    Rudy cocked his head and poked Jimmy in the forehead with his two fingers. "Okay sweetheart, you can go now. Unless you want to stay?"

    Out of the corner of his eye he saw an unconscious Jack laying on the floor, seeming unnoticed by everybody else.

    Not wanting to waste the advantage and always wanting to kiss Johnny Depp, the man made a frantically big scene. "Out of the way! He needs CPR!" Rudy slid to the ground and began performing "CPR" on the unconscious Jack. His lips tasted of Rum and weed, but it was nice.

    "Okay. He's alive. I saved him. Thank me." The lean man bowed and earned a round of applaud, wiping his lips with his sleve.

    Cody Sandusky
     Posted: Aug 12 2015, 06:19 PM
    Quote Post
    pro fighter
    27-August 13
    22 posts
    played by N/A
    Awards: 4


    Ghost Cody suddenly appeared and saw some dude making out with Jack on the floor.

    "GAY!" he shouted.

    Then he saw ghost leroy, his newest best friend, and went over to partake in the smoking.

    "Moira, stop eating my wheaties!!"

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