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    Location: Vegas
    Born: 13 December 1974
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    The 3 W's: whiskey, women and weapons
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    Custom Title: The One
    Played By:: Dal
    Gender: Male
    Former Occupation: Salesman
    Primary Weapon: Sharp things
    Secondary Weapon: Blunt things
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    Dallen Larson

    New Gains

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    Jun 30 2015, 06:46 PM
    ((My epic space rp. There is no story, everyone just make a bunch of shit up that revolves around SPACE.))
    Nov 27 2014, 09:09 AM
    "How many?" Tavien asked on the CB radio. He was speaking with another group, one they had made contact with some time ago. They were held up in a radio tower a few miles to the east of the home depot, though the two groups had never actually met face to face because of the numerous amount of dead roaming the streets. Tavien waited patiently for the answer while Dallen paced back and forth behind him.

    "Thousands..." was the reply. "Tavien, your people need to leave."

    The former teacher buried his face in his hands for a moment as Dallen came to a stop in his movement.

    "I'll take a group out," Dallen told him. "You just have everyone ready in case it doesn't go my way."

    "She said 'thousands' Dallen," Tavien replied. "I don't think we can handle that. The fences won't hold if a herd that size is heading this way, we might have to think about leaving. Heading to the radio tower. I know we have more people then they can accommodate for over there, but we can cross that bridge when we get to it. Right now, we need to think about all of our safety."

    "Fuck safety, and fuck the radio tower, this is our home," Dallen said. "We can't start over from scratch, I'll turn the herd in another direction."

    "Fuck safety?" Tavien raised an eyebrow and Dallen shrugged. "How exactly are you going to turn the herd away?"

    "I'll think of something. Where's Stone and Alix?"

    "Stone and Casey are at the airport, haven't heard back from them in a while. They might be trapped, maybe check into it if you get a chance? I don't know where Alix is, she comes and goes. Like you."

    "We can go," Arianna said from behind the men. Beside her was Beth, and to her side was her dog Baloo.

    "We want to help," Beth added.

    Dallen looked at the pair. He wanted to say no to them, they weren't as trained as the others, but he needed all the help he could get. He nodded.

    "The herd is 3 miles out heading this way fast," Tavien said. "Not trying to rush you, but if you're going to do this you need to be quick. I'll have everyone ready to go here. Take these."

    He handed them radios.

    "Oooh, do we get code names too?" asked Beth. "I'll be Lady Death. Dal you can be, uhh...Grim."

    "This isn't a joke Beth," Dallen scolded the young blonde. "People could die today. Take this seriously...I want to be called Reaper."

    Beth rolled her eyes as she passed Dallen and gave Tavien a kiss on the cheek. The two had become a small thing lately.

    "Be careful."

    "I'll be back," she replied to him. "Don't worry, I got Reaper here watchin' over me."

    "Gear up," Dallen said. "Lets hit the road."

    Aug 20 2013, 10:38 PM
    [dohtml]<link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Wire+One' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'><center><center>

    <div style="font-family:wire one;font-size:43px;color:#202020;">DALLEN LARSON</div>

    </center><div style="width:400px;background-color:#101010;height:20px;"></div>

    <img src="http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/708/iqsma.jpg">

    <div style="width:400px;background-color:#101010;height:20px;font-family:arial narrow;color:#fbfbfb;font-size:10px;text-transform:uppercase;">

    <marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" width="100%" scrollamount="2">The One</marquee>

    </div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;">

    <br>GENDER: Male
    <br>AGE: 38
    <br>BIRTHDATE: December 13, 1974
    <br>NICKNAME(S): Dal
    <br>SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Straight

    <br><br></div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#101010;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;">

    <br>HOMETOWN: Las Vegas, NV
    <br>GROUP AFFILIATION: New Gaines
    <br>FACE CLAIM: Keanu Reeves

    <br><br></div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#101010;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;">

    <br>EYE COLOR: Brown
    <br>HAIR: Black
    <br>HEIGHT: 6'1"
    <br>WEIGHT: 175 lbs.
    <br>BUILD: Average
    <br>CLOTHING STYLE: Black and white suit and tie. Steel-toe boots.
    (In at least three paragraphs, describe your character's overall appearance:)
    Dallen is the typical tall, dark, and handsome type. He has wavy jet black hair and clean cut fair skin, which is slightly pale at times. His stature is very business-like in nature, even though he hates suits.
    When he goes unshaved he grows a large black beard that makes him look like a bum. His hair on his head can reach down to his neck if he lets it, but he prefers the clean cut look.
    Though his build is athletic and average, his old age and unhealthy life choices tend to make him seem less than what he actually is. He's got some muscle, but he looks like any other average joe with clothes on.
    • Mossberg 500 pump action shotgun
    • (30 shells)
    • Leatherman tool
    • Compound bow
    • Quiver (11)
    • Zippo (gold)
    • Box of toothpicks
    • Silver flask (empty)
    Dallen is not a people person. In fact, he hates all people. He hates his life, his job, his boss, his co-workers, his friends and even his family. He is a loner by trade and likes to be with himself a lot, hence making him a slight prick. He knows what's right and wrong and is mainly on the side of right, but he usually tends to not give a **** about anything. His girlfriend cheated on him, his father abused him, his friends talk about him behind his back, and his fellow employees hate him. All in all he would be a good person if people weren't so annoying to him. He can't stand them, and he usually values animals more, especially dogs.
    On the brighter side of Dallen, he is quite sarcastic and tends to try to see the humorous side of events. He doesn't take himself too seriously and can also take a joke. He's not completely anal, he just likes for others to think he is.
    He's sarcastic, narcissistic, prideful, arrogant, courageous, egotistical, and self loathing to name a few. His personality usually sets off women and friends, but he likes it that way. He's also pretty stubborn, and would often not agree with something he knows is right just to piss someone off. He hates to lose arguments so he uses stubbornness to do so.
    As far as his ego goes, he thinks himself better than most people. He doesn't value women the way that most men do, even though he gets a handful of them anyway. He looks at life in only one viewpoint, which is to better himself and forget about others.

    • Hunting - He is a loner and likes the wilderness because he hated the city (and his job), so anytime he had enough free time he escaped to the countryside. He's learned to be a fair hunter and survivalist, but he's still not that great.
    • Stealth - Like a ninja, He has learned to be very stealthy to avoid combat whenever possible.
    • Building - Trained by Silas.
    • Alcohol Consumption - Can drink anyone under the table.
    • Strategy - He thinks logically and critically.
    • Firearms - He hated his job so much that he often went to the shooting range to fire his gun and blow off steam. He has become quite good at accurately hitting stationary and moving targets.
    Has no real friends or family besides his father; Nathan Larson. He died when Dallen was young; cancer. He had a girl he loved named Erin, but he hardly knew her before the infection happened. She had a way about her that got to him, but it didn't matter because she died when everything began.

    Dallen was raised by his abusive father, Nathan Larson, until he was a young adult. He got into drugs and alcohol at an early age because of this, and often got in trouble from school. His father eventually died of cancer and Dallen went on in life alone, not really ever letting anyone into his life.
    He went from job to job until he eventually managed to get a good one in sales and marketing office supplies. He's been doing it ever since, hating his life every moment then on. He's had friends and girls, but he never really let any of them in. Now he just goes on with life, not caring about anything.
    As the years have passed, he has become quite unhealthy...further securing his stance in life. He's had pneumonia a few times and has lost quite a bit of stamina, but still works out as often as he can. His lungs tend to flair up, but he continues to smoke...almost as if to want to die. He smokes a lot of cigarettes, and when the infection broke out and people were tearing other people's flesh off of others, his main goal other than getting somewhere safe was to raid a gas station for cartons of cigarettes. He figures dying of cancer isn't so bad now, with all the walkers around.
    On a lighter note he has quite a bit of fun being a loner. He goes to bars often and enjoys talk with complete strangers over his friends, who annoy him because he's known them for so long and is tired of them. He tends to hit up strip clubs and whore houses frequently as well.
    His main hobby has always been the wilderness, as he works and lives in the city. Something about being alone in the woods has always fascinated him, and so he learned to hunt and shoot, as well as survive harsh environments. Yet, he always has to return to the city.
    When the apocalypse happened, he wasn't fully surprised like everyone else. He was at work in his 56 floor building about to make a deal over the phone, when suddenly everyone's attention turned to the televisions and the radios. Chaos soon came, and one by one his fellow employees left the building searching for their families. He stayed as long as he could in that building, having no one to go to. It wasn't until after he started running low on food that he escaped the city.
    As time went on he found himself wondering why he was one of the last survivors on the planet, he was a loser and even hated himself...so why would he get to live? He began to question religion and his purpose in life, and realized that people weren't so bad after all. The outbreak changed everything he was or would be, whether for the better or worse he knew not.


    </div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#101010;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;">

    <br>your alias: Dal
    <br>other characters: N/A
    <br>how you found us: Google
    <br>age: 28
    <br>rp experience: Noob
    <br>goals: free shit
    <br>contact: Skype dallen.larson

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