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    Chris Terse


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    Mar 28 2015, 12:04 AM
    Full Name: Christopher Terse
    Gender: Male
    Nickname: Chris
    Sexual orientation: Straight
    Read rules: yes and I do understand them.
    Occupation: High school student
    Hometown: Laramie, Wyoming
    Group Affiliation: None
    Face Claim: Landon Liboiron
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: blue with green inside of the iris
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Height: exactly six feet tall
    Weight: 160 pounds
    Build: Lean, muscular, mainly strong strength wise
    Distinguishing marks: Scars on his wrist from when we used to have problems,
    Clothing style: white undershirt, button up shirts with the sleeves rolled 3/4 of the way up, faded blue jeans, hiking boots for running and protection. During the winter he puts over his clothes a black heavy jacket.
    Personality: He is an natural athlete at best, he did track, football, wrestling and baseball while in high school. He had an internship for a mechanic and learned some things while working there. He was pretty good in school except for some instances with the typical bully. He was pretty smart getting B's or the occasional C, the only subject he liked the most was history and government. he passed every class with an A.
    Right before the virus happened, he would take pictures with his smartphone which he still holds onto, the case on it is able to recharge it as long as it has batteries. He loved to imagine things and make them happen, he was usually found in his room on a blog or writing his own books. Everyone liked him or were just normal people towards him.
    When the virus did happen, the first thing he did was make sure his family was ok. The things he saw at his house haunt him but he pushes it aside as he struggles to survive. He never really left his home during boring days where he'd play video games or read books all day. He was always doing something though which made him a good worker. He was well taught and disciplined as a child and carries on that behavior.
    Hunter-when he turned 5 he had already shot his first animal, his dad thought it to be important to know how to hunt and survive. And that is just what he is doing.
    Stealth-He was always sneaking around places he shouldn't, he also loved to hide and follow people to observe different ways people live, hopefully this trait helps him in his now new life.
    Close Quarter Combat- Wrestling wasn't enough for him so he also decided to do boxing and martial arts. he eventually became good at it and can knock out a grown man with one punch if placed right.
    Endurance-His father would make him run 3 miles each day and workout to ensure he was in peak physical condition. Not only this but he taught him how to manage pain and take it without succumbing to it.
    Scavenger-Unlike most people he can see what some cannot, he would go places and find change, tools, money, knives. He had an eye for things and he would naturally see them
    Repair-The time spent at the mechanic gave him plenty of knowledge on how things work and how to fix them. He would fix cars, bikes, electrical appliances and even a gun.
    1x backpack
    6x water bottles
    6x canned food
    6x packaged
    1x glock 17 pistol
    3x boxes of 9mm ammo (70 in each box)
    1x switchblade
    1x multitool
    2x match boxes
    1x Samsung galaxy 3 with rechargeable case and batteries
    Girlfriend- Walker
    Best Friend- Walker
    History: Before the walkers came, Chris was leading a normal life. There was a day when he was working at the shop when his girlfriend Katie came by. They had been dating for three months now and they had met at a photography class. They were randomly chosen as partners and they clicked, since then they have been together. After his shift he got cleaned up and took Katie on a date, they watched a movie, went to a party, kissed and went home with each other and fell asleep.
    He got up early, dropped her off at her house went back home and got dressed for school. He would see her later during the day usually around lunch and they'd go eat with each other. After school he would go to practice for whichever sport he was in and go home and sleep. There were some days he would sneak out and go to Katie's house an do stuff he shouldn't do. Eventually though he would just lay with her seeming that she told him she wanted to wait longer.
    When the walkers did come, he was in his girlfriends bed just awake. He saw Katie wasn't there and he shrugged it off, it was normal for her to be doing something. He waited and waited for what seemed like an hour. He got dressed and decided to use the bathroom, he knew it was down the hall and he walked to it. He caught the faintest of sounds emanating from the door. He thought it was Katie and called her name, no response and for a second it seemed the sounds went away. Until it started to be rattled by banging and groaning from within, he jumped back startled and pulled out his switchblade. He kicked the door down thinking someone bad was inside. But that was not the case, it was Katie with a part of her jaw hanging off and what seemed to be her mother on the floor dead and eaten by her daughter. He didn't know what to do so he kicked her back and ran out back to his house where he quickly got packed and left.
    Alias: Chris
    Other Characters: nope, this is first one
    Age: I'm 17 at the moment but i'll be 18 fairly soon.
    RP Experience: I'm very confident and pretty good at it, I roleplay on Dust514 and am very good at it and somewhat known well there.
    Goal: To feel and be part of the experience I enjoy so much, I dream about being in the walking dead and now I feel like this is my chance.
    Contact: My snapchat is Chris.Konija31 or my email is christopherkonija@gmail.com
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