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    Maricruz Ennis


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    May 13 2015, 05:40 PM
    "I hate these stupid fucking things." Marie frowned as another shot sailed right through nothing. She shoved the butt of the rifle into her shoulder and bit her tongue in concentration as the biter lumbered along. It was an ugly slow thing, but it always managed to twitch in a stupid way right as she was ready to pull the trigger.

    Ian frowned as she, frankly, man-handled the gun. "It's not the gun's fault. It's the operator." He pointed out, as she slammed her finger down, firing another shot that was off the mark by about 15 feet.

    There was no hope for this woman.

    "Don't give me sass." She muttered, "I've got a gun."

    He let out a long sigh, "If you're going to threaten me with it I'm going to take it away."

    "Try little man." Marie laughed.

    He stepped back as he watched her 'line' up another shot. Out of the lot of them she was actually the worst. Most people just needed a bit of practice and confidence, but it was like this woman was actively doing everything she could not to learn. It was beyond frustrating, and well beyond his pay grade.

    Every shot she fired was like a wasted bullet to his heart.

    "You know, if you keep missing it's going to walk right up on ya."

    A wide grin crossed her face as she shrugged the weapon off her arm. "Then I suppose I'll just have to club it to death." Marie pretended to inspect the rifle closely, "The weight feels nice, it could do well for swinging."

    Ian's expression darkened considerably, "Don't..." He warned.

    Marie rolled her eyes, she was used to being the stuck up sort, finding someone that was super serious about what was clearly a joke was such a buzz kill. Apparently humour died around the time internet service went down.

    Around them were others that were trying to polish up on their shooting skills. Others, she assumed, were just there to kill things for fun, because they didn't seem to need much practicing. It was like some sort of biter hunting experience. Where everyone rounded together for a wonderful social event.

    Ian stalked off to speak to some jacked looking gentleman. Better off that way, Marie frowned, though she did miss her bantering partner. The bearded fellow seemed like he was in a bad mood, generally she found him to be pleasant and easy to deal with, but his mood tended to swing just as often as the little girl he watched over. She thought he was a little too handsome though, she suspected that he might be gay. Straight men didn't look that good, for the most part.

    The gun still felt awkward in her hands, and she wasn't getting any better, which was frustrating. She missed a couple of times, hit the biter in thee chest and the leg, but couldn't get the stupid bagger's head.
    Sep 9 2014, 10:10 PM
    [dohtml]<link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Vibur' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="https://www.dropbox.com/s/w2uh6gphwjgmenu/betteralone.css?dl=1">

    <div id="grisha-alina">
    <div class="grisha-mal">
    <div class="grisha-zoya"><img src="http://i57.tinypic.com/10curdl.jpg"></div> </div>
    <div class="grisha-darkling">
    <div class="grisha-info">
    <span class="grisha-infon">MARICRUZ NONA ENNIS</span><br>
    27 . Nunez . Firefighter
    <div class="grisha-kuya">
    <div class="grisha-title">MARIE ENNIS</div>
    <div class="grisha-subtitle">I am wandering right through existance</div>
    <img src="http://i59.tinypic.com/2wmkoyq.jpg">
    <div class="grisha-text"><p>Once employed as a New York firefighter, after the turn she gathered a band of survivors from her apartment complex. Marie led her people for months before the group met the same fate as many others and was abolished.

    <p>Escaping with only two other members they travelled south and ended up somewhere in Carolina before she was separated from her best friend and the other survivor. Eventually she found her way to Georgia and is currently stationed in Nunez for the time being.

    <p>As a broad shouldered, 6' tall woman she's used to using her size to her advantage. Marie considers people a vulnerability and being alone is the best way to survive. Humanity is claustrophobic to her, but unfortunately even she isn't immune to loneliness, she travels a lot but always seems to find her way back in Nunez.

    <p>Like most people in the apocalypse Marie is capable of both very good and evil things. To her she'd do anything to keep herself alive. Protecting people can bring out the worst side of her; even though she battles with the guilt of some of her past actions she is likely to repeat them. She does like to consider herself a good person, just a good person that is capable of appalling things. Marie struggles with not making the same bad choices, knowing how easy it is to make them.

    <p>I'm terrible at these character plotters, but if you see what you like and a character is in the Georgia area I'm open to all sorts of ideas right now. Just shoot me a PM if you'd like. :) If I'm ever looking for something in particular I'll just reply to this post. </div>
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    Aug 26 2014, 08:11 PM
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    <div style="width: 400px; padding: 20px;">
    <div style="width:400px; height:270px; background-image:url(http://i60.tinypic.com/6nz4zs.jpg);"><div class="notes">
    <p> Matthew 12:36
    <p> I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak,
    <div style="width:370px; height: 10px; font-family: 'Dancing Script', cursive; font-size:14px; color: #f4f4f4; text-align: center; background-color: #1c1c1c; padding: 15px; ">Day Fourty-Four</div>
    <div style="width: 320px; background-color: f4f4f4; padding: 40px; font-family: arial; color: 1c1c1c; text-align: justify; line-height: 95%; font-size: 10px;">
    <p>Today is day 44, I think, since everything started happening. I figured maybe I should start writing this down, in case humanity does survive and this passes. Maybe then the people that died and the struggles that we go through won't be forgotten as another historic tragedy.
    <p> Though I admit, if someone does pick this up someday I'll apologize in advance. Writing has never been a strong suit of mine, and it's even more difficult to put everything I've seen and experienced on paper. I'll make it as accurate as I can remember it. It'll be easy to see mistakes that were made, and it will likely even be aggravating at times but I promise that we all did our best.
    <p> To start, my name is Maricruz Ennis, I am currently 26 years old and was working with the New York Fire Department when the plague hit. I had three older brothers, each one of them a nuisance in their own way. My parents were happily married in Cincinnati, Ohio the last I heard of them. I don't see the purpose in lying to my own... journal of sorts, so to make this perfectly clear this has been the most terrifying experience of my life.
    <p> I wish I could say the biters were the biggest enemies in this new society, but people have become much more vicious. At this moment I'm still in New York with a small group of survivors, 13 of us, the only thing we have in common is we lived in the same apartment building and we really don't want to die. We've taken advantage of the misery of others, dropped backpack? Yes please. But we aren't evil people, not like some of the raiders I've seen. The types of people that thrive in these conditions. How can anyone be that twisted?
    <p> From a rooftop I saw young people that were using children to bait other survivors. Those survivors were killed for what they had on their backs. Maybe they had nothing, maybe it was a boon, but for those teenagers it was worth a gamble.
    <p> Our group? We live on the seventh floor of our apartment. Most of the building fled when the news was reporting total chaos, trying to get to other family members or just wanting to get the hell out of New York. The last 13 of us, we all have reasons but we ended up staying. We have no intentions of leaving; there is no way that we would survive on those streets. It's New York, it had the largest population in the USA didn't? Yeah. Welcome to Necropolis. We're fucked.

    <p> That's why I stayed. That and our government said that everything was going to be okay. Everything was going to be handled; we'd all be enjoying turkey at Christmas talking about another disease we thought would bring civilized society to its knees.
    <p> I witnessed the first weeks through my living room window. Packs of dead people, and you knew they were dead someone living wouldn't have limbs bent that way, chasing down the living. Overwhelming them. Pulling them. Ripping them. Biting them. Cannibalism... if it's considered that when the offender is already dead.
    <p> Eventually I had to ditch the thought that someone was coming, I clung to it though. I held on for a long time. The alternative was too much to think about, so I avoided it at all costs. Two weeks ago I manned up, put on my work gear and set out to clearing some apartments. It's funny, I used to be scared about what my superior's would say when they found out I didn't return my gear to the station after my shift. Who cares now? It was the best bite-proof wear I had; I found the emergency fire axe my building had on my floor. I was hungry, and I figured if I went room to room those dead things would be easier to handle.
    <p> Standing at my neighbour's front door, I was scared. I didn't know what I was going to find inside, I've heard shuffling but I couldn't remember the last time I heard a human sound. I'll never be able to explain why I did it, but I knocked on that front door.
    <p> Kind of glad I did though, or Lisette would have an axe shaped hole in her door right now. She was always such a pain in my ass back when everything was normal. But I convinced her to help me clear out the rest of the floor. I wished every room on floor 7 was as easy. We were the only two left, a lot of the rooms were empty... two were not. Lisette doesn't really work well under pressure, but to be fair I don't work well when some broad in a nightgown sees me as a chicken wing.
    <p> Between the two of us, there were plenty of canned goods. Preserves to last for a while anyway. So we didn't have to worry about going outside. We conspired to do the same thing with the rest of the floors. And floor by floor we worked, occasionally we found another survivor until we have our 13.
    <p> The most notable being the district attorney on the 8th floor that seems to think that his education means something now, and the poor teenage boy locked in a bathroom in his first floor apartment. The shell of his father doing its best to have a family reunion. The first floor was the worst, at least the other one's needed to pull open those big doors to get into the fire escape, and then open the door at the floor they wanted to get to. Floor one was hell, but with 13 other hands we were able to block the main entrance with furniture from the first floor. That job took the longest; we did it in small bits to keep everyone strong.
    <p> At this moment we're at the point where things seem stable. We have a lot of supplies from all the other apartments and the 7th floor has just been made secure. There's no way into this building now without our say so. I guess that's why I've had so much time to catch up on events so far. Right now we're just trying to keep boredom away, or at the very least block the groaning out.
    <p> Maricruz Ennis
    <div style="font-family: 'Open Sans Condensed', sans-serif; font-size:12px; text-transform: uppercase; text-align: right;">thanks!</div>
    Aug 20 2014, 08:59 PM
    Marie’s legs were aching from another day of hiking. Another day of just moving from one place to another, the problem was she wasn’t entirely sure what her destination was. There were no word of safe places anymore, it seemed that after about a year of this everyone has settled in and found their place. The thing was, it was so much easier to just take care of herself… there was a little less stress. Barely, but at least she was able to predict herself. So she pushed forward, forward towards something.

    She couldn’t help but to miss her car, which was a luxury she couldn’t get her hands on anymore. Every vehicle she’s found in the last 10 miles had been emptied of gas or just plain useless. A couple of her favourite CD’s even. She missed the voice of Freddie Mercury.

    The sky was getting darker. The nights were still chilly and as dangerous as always. Maricruz liked to avoid the roads; even though it gave her a clear view of the biters it made her a sitting duck for other types of predators. The back roads and bush proved to have different challenges. For example, she hadn’t been able to scavenge a house or two in a long while and she ran out of rood rations two days ago. The only thing she’s run into has been old farmer’s fields and biters.

    And unfortunately biters don’t wander around holding boxes of fried chicken.

    As if to chime in, her stomach groaned accordingly. ‘At least if the biters hear, they’ll think I’m one of them.’ She mused. Actually, she noticed that she encountered few biters the last couple of hours. The population in this area was low. It probably helped, but she couldn’t help but to keep checking over her shoulder half expecting to see a lumbering horde hidden in the trees.

    Stopping, she pulled the backpack off of her shoulders and dropped it unceremoniously onto the ground. Her throat was sore, she needed a drink. Marie casually looked into her bag, then started to dig a bit, and ended up frantically tearing through the thing. She had a water bottle. She specifically remembered having one more water bottle. How did she have an entire package of Dove soap, but not even a shot glass of water?

    “God damn it!” She swore picking up the bag and tossing it back on. Seems like she has found a destination now, time to find some water, too bad her map was left in her car. Wouldn’t do her any good anyway, she had no idea where she was. None the less, it was time to find a road.

    As lively as one could imagine she directed herself towards where the forest was starting to thin out a bit, eventually she would push through to where she could find a road. Marie picked up the pace. It wasn’t going to be evening forever.

    A lone figure stood at the tree line, jaw unhinged and shoulders slumped down. A man wearing blue flannel and jeans, maybe he could have been handsome in another life. Mid-30’s, he recently divorced his wife and moved to this back lot to escape the pressure of his office job, despite his 6 figure salary. She kept the kids and the dog. He became an unlikely hero when the biters came; he sacrificed himself for his best friend. Eternally becoming one of the walking dead. That’s what Marie tells herself anyway, to keep herself entertained.

    She pulled the tomahawk from the makeshift belt on her hip, flipping it so the pick side would be the end of blue flannel. Creeping up behind him she lifted her arm to deliver the fatal blow, he turned around last second to lunge, but the axe was already embedded in his forehead.

    One was always easy to deal with; the numbers was what was really terrifying.

    Maricruz stepped out of the woods and onto a paved street. She didn’t know how she noticed all the other rotting corpses, laying prone, clearly been doing so for some time as well. Quirking an eyebrow, she decided to keep her weapon in her hand as she went to inspect one of the many.

    This one was a young woman, black hair, with a clear case of blunt weapon to the brain. There were more of them, with similar causes of second death. She didn’t know if she should jump back into the bush, or keep moving. Maybe these people moved on themselves. Just decided to raid the town and leave, which would mean there’d be nothing left for her but at least she wouldn’t have to deal with any bandits.

    She crouched down, keeping to the ditch. Her course of action was to do a bit of scouting and then to see if it was safe to proceed. If it wasn’t then it would be time to get the hell out of dodge. Her eyes were focused on her front, her flank and rear had tabs, but the bush would warn her of anything on her left.

    A horse trotted into her line of sight and she froze. Holding even tighter to the axe in her hand. Actually there was so much sweat if she had to swing it the damn thing would probably fly out of her hand. "No. Nononono." She whispered, pulling her freehand through her hair, only being stopped by the hair tie that kept it in a bun. Maybe they didn't see her? Marie shook her head, no, if they did see her she had to pull herself together. She wasn't going to be a victim in this. Not by a pack of cowboys.
    Aug 19 2014, 09:24 PM
    <center><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;"> MARICRUZ ENNIS</div>

    <div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div>

    <img src="http://i61.tinypic.com/v74fad.jpg">

    <div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;font-family:arial narrow;color:#fbfbfb;font-size:10px;text-transform:uppercase;">

    <marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" width="100%" scrollamount="2">My body breathes, heart still beats, but I am not alive </marquee>

    </div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;">

    <br>GENDER: Female
    <br>AGE: Twenty-seven
    <br>BIRTHDATE: January 15th
    <br>NICKNAME(S): Marie/Mary
    <br>SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Straight
    <br>READ RULES: Glossary

    <br><br></div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;">

    <br>PREVIOUS OCCUPATION: Firefighter
    <br>HOMETOWN: Cincinnati, Ohio
    <br>FACE CLAIM: Andi Muise

    <br><br></div><br><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">APPEARANCE</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;">

    <br>HAIR COLOR:Brown
    <br>EYE COLOR: Brown
    <br>ETHNICITY: Mixed Irish and Spanish
    <br>HEIGHT: 6’0”
    <br>WEIGHT: 140 lbs
    <br>BUILD: Skinny& Athletic
    <br>DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Other than the faded scars gathered from an uninteresting childhood she only has a couple worth noting from recent events. Marie has a deep thigh scar about three inches long, and what is left from a knife wound to the shoulder.
    <br>CLOTHING STYLE: While she used to be one for fashion, it’s not like she can waltz down to the local mall and pick up a pair of stilettos. Today the only three words she knows is “tank top and jeans”. When the weather calls for it she wears a thick leather jacket she picked up in New York, adorned with the best grey duct tape that eyes can find. Before the corpses showed up Marie didn’t even know that black could stain, evidentially she was wrong.

    <p>Omitting the obvious, the apocalypse has been the worst thing for Maricruz Ennis. She was born a person dependent on structure, rules, and the comfort of reliable authority. The world of chaos, death and mistrust has definitely put her under a great deal of stress. She won’t try to deceive you, before all <i>this</i> happened she was a high-strung person. Her biggest problems were family issues, job stress, her neighbour in the apartment next door throwing too many late night parties. Normal stuff. She wasn’t prepared for something like this and it shows on her face.

    <p> Marie had long given up her expensive ear-rings, beautiful dresses, tight jeans, blouses and cardigans and monthly eyebrow waxing. Her hair is no longer ironed straight, now brown thick and wavy. She can’t stand the thought of cutting her hair short, even though it is entirely impractical not to do so. Her body is pitiful compared to what it was a year ago, almost 20 lbs lighter and her hips are getting too boney. She misses being able to go to the gym, to be fair workouts are plentiful in this new world. She’s usually found with a face of displeasure with her hair tied back in a tight bun, wearing a stained black t-shirt and a pair of jeans.
    <p> Some things don’t change though. Her brown eyes are still small on her face; she still has a strong jawline and high cheekbones. Her guilty pleasure is make up, on days where she is feeling lost and alone she’ll lock herself up in front of a mirror and indulge herself with a little face paint. Marie doesn’t like to think that she’s vain, but a bit of normalcy is good for a person.
    <p> At one time someone would have seen Marie sneaking through New York with her fire axe, but she has since traded it in for the more practical tomahawk. Alongside the axe she had found a lovely machete in the same home, looked like the owner was a bit of a collector. She always thought he brought the best with him when he fled.
    <p> Despite it all Marie isn’t against using her size and stature to her advantage, if someone is going to try to something funny she isn’t going to make herself look like an easy target. Her first and foremost priority is to survive at all costs. If it came down to it she’d use everything she has to make sure that she’s the one that comes out on top.

    <br><br></div><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">PERSONALITY</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;"><br>

    <p> All her life Maricruz has been practical, serious and goal driven. For years the only thing that she cared about was getting her education and getting a job in the city that never sleeps. Her family would have called it an obsession, but she wanted to do other things than live in Ohio. In retrospect, she wishes that she spent more time with the people who raised her, she misses her older brothers and her parents, but she realises no matter what there wouldn’t have been enough time. Her dreams of a family had died right around the time dead things learned how to bite.

    <p> She has a fierce loyalty to a select few people. The apocalypse brought out her distrust in people, before that she was a humanitarian working for public safety and a rather social person. Her love for her close friends can bring out the worst in her when she’s just trying to keep everyone safe. She is always grasping for control, a leader type that has always considered the best for the majority. Marie’s strict and cold personal code has been able to keep her away from the most dangerous of situations, but it’s also responsible for her morally questionable decisions in the past.

    <p> While she has kept the crass and sarcastic humour she used with her brothers, she finds it harder to keep her temper in check. Quick to anger under stress, some days she finds herself blowing up more and more. Marie has always been a good talker, being able to figure out what people want to hear has always been a strong suit for her. She has a bad habit of second-guessing herself, she’s able to look like she’s unwavering but Marie is just as susceptible to guilt as the next person is. After her loss in New York she has considered herself a failure and desperately is trying to avoid it from repeating.

    <br><br></div><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">SKILLS</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;"><br>
    • First Aid – As a firefighter she had to be certified in first aid and as a first responder she’s had plenty of experience with it. Her education background in athletic therapy helps with some of those running related injuries; thankfully she knows her salt for those emergency situations.
    • Sneaking – One doesn’t survive a place like New York by running in and hacking and slashing at everything. Maybe it was all those Christmas mornings where she’d creep down the stairs to get an early peek, but she’s learned that she is very good at being silent. Marie knows how to go out and about a place without being noticed.
    • Strength – This girl has always had good upper body, at the prime of her life she was swinging a heavy axe through doors and lifting bodies. Her years of practice have made it easy to swing a blade into the skull of a walker.
    • Planning – Once again she thanks her career in helping her survive this mess. Naturally, as most first responders know, plans have to be made quickly when you arrive on scene. Everything is a scene, and if there are hours or only seconds to make a plan Marie will be able to spit something out.
    • Mending – She can fix pants, her grandmother taught her.
    • Climbing – Somewhere along the way she learned to be quite the nimble climber. She’s never been near the hobbies or sporting level of climbing, but she’s able to hold on to something tall and pull herself higher quickly. Marie considers it handy.
    <br></div><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">INVENTORY</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;"><br>
    • A backpack
    • Tomahawk
    • Machete
    • First aid kit
    • 3x Duct tape
    • Flashlight
    • 8x bars of soap
    • Crowbar
    • Swiss army knife
    • Rope
    <br></div><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">RELATIONSHIPS</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;"><br>
    • Mother - Sophie Ennis - Unknown
    • Father - Daniel Ennis- Unknown
    • Brother - Collin Ennis- Unknown
    • Brother - Adrian Ennis- Unknown
    • Brother- Ivan Ennis – Unknown
    • Friend- Lisette- Unknown
    <br></div><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">HISTORY</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;"><br>

    <p> Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Maricruz grew up with three older brothers in a typical two parent household. It was a loving religious home though she found them over-bearing at times; she feels like she never had enough time with them. As a child she was involved with sports, and eventually continued that passion into high school and eventually her post-secondary education. Marie decided during her years at school that she was going right for a career as a firefighter, the idea has always stood out at her. Most of her life has been dedicated to getting her dream job.
    <p>She always thought that she could do better than Ohio, so after high school she packed up her things and moved to New York City. Genetically she was gifted, and it working out was always a stress relief for her so it was a no brainer when she went for her Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences in Athletic Therapy. Marie wasn’t the top of her class, but she tried hard.
    <p>The first time she applied to the Fire Department she was rejected, it hurt but it gave her time to work on herself. After she graduated she found herself a job as a waitress, making some money in a high-class restaurant busting tables. Marie worked hard at the gym to make sure that she’d be able to pass the fitness test the next time she went for a job at the department. She lived in a tiny apartment and got herself a cat, life was rather normal.
    <p>It took her two years to get that job, and she lived and breathed every moment to get it. Even the day she met her new boyfriend Lee Rosenwald paled in comparison to the moment when she was hired. Her family was certain they’d never hear the end of it. She even got a better apartment, with an obnoxious new neighbour. But her cat had two more windows to sit in, which was nice.
    <p>Life was good when <b>it</b> happened. She’d just celebrated 3 years with her wonderful boyfriend, and loved her job with the Fire Department. The day when shit hit the fan, well it was the stuff of nightmares. Emergency calls were being made right left and center, and to be honest no one really knew what was happening. Car accidents, shops on fire, there were rumours of a riot and that was what was causing Marie to work overtime that day.
    <p>She was suited up with her coworkers, rushing to deal with a messy car accident. The paramedics hadn’t shown up yet, and there was no sign of police except for the sirens lost in the urban jungle. There was no doubt that there were casualties in that accident, they didn’t need a doctor to tell them that at this point they were just trying to get bodies out. Maybe someone would be alive in there.
    <p> Her boss was getting impatient on waiting for the other personal to show up. “What the fuck is going on today, turn on the radio Marie.” She ran over to the truck to do just that when something caught her eye… Now, she has seen some different flavours of messed up, but she’s never seen anything like that. Out of the broken window of the turned over sedan crawled out a passenger, twisted and grotesque, and with more broken bones than she could count. Marie couldn’t believe her eyes; the man must be in shock! She shot over to the skinny man, a couple other fire fighters’ right on her heels. That man needed to lay down, he was going to make himself worse!
    <p> The crash victim bowled her over with more strength than he could have humanely possessed, grabbing and trying to bite through her work gear. She screamed, there’s no shame in that. Her fellow NYFD’s pulled the man off her. Marie’s looked into dead eyes before, and these were even worse. They tried to subdue him, ordered him, and threatened him. Nothing was getting through to this thing. She was still in shock… those eyes. She didn’t remember when the police showed up, but when they did they put a single shot into his skull before they said everyone should go home.
    <p> She did, and she never went back to work again.
    <p> Every news channel was running minute to minute updates on this phenomenon. The Government told people to stay in their homes and the military would have this threat dealt with shortly if people just stayed indoors and didn’t let in any strangers. She was naïve then, but Maricruz needed a little hope. Of course the government was going to deal with this. AIDs, West Nile, the Swine Flu, those were supposed to take out humanity too and they obviously didn’t.
    <p> She didn’t know how long she was locked up in her one bedroom apartment before she realized that things might be worse off than she thought it was. The radio long stopped broadcasting, news channels were forever static. Marie was happy she never got that last phone bill, using the last available battery talking to her mother, making sure that they were okay. Lee had stopped answering her texts after he said he was going to Brooklyn to go pick his sister up from her college campus.
    <p> After her last shift she drove straight home, so she was dressed head to toe in firefighter garb with her helmet right over face when she ventured out of her apartment. Breaking the glass “in case of emergency” she retrieved her floor’s fire axe. Marie was running out of supplies in her house, she only had so many cans, so it was time to crack open some apartments. Her neighbours had to be long gone by now anyway.
    <p> Even standing at her next door neighbours home, she found the idea of putting an axe through the door incredibly imposing. Rapping solidly on the door she waited to hear the groaning and growling of a dead thing walking. Instead, the door creaked open to find her still-alive neighbour, the college girl that she’d called the police on several times in the past for noise violations and general disturbance.
    <p> The idea of people being alive never occurred to her. Lisette and Marie worked to clear their apartment building of biters and brought the survivors to floor 7. The elevators went out of service when the power went out, and the heavy fire exits were easy to lock up and block. Soon the only way in and out of the apartment was through the balcony and a rope ladder. Their plan was easy, stay on the floor; use the buddy system, no new members, no weapons unaccounted for and food rationing.
    <p> They about a dozen people, and they had early success. They lasted for months in the city that never slept, until that lawyer couldn’t take the stress and killed himself. Unfortunately he didn’t have the common sense to take out his brain with him.
    <p> Lisette and Jason (a teenage boy that lived on the first floor with his dad) were in Marie’s living room, her apartment turned into a sort of a common area, when things got bad. They were able to climb down the rope ladder and get into Marie’s Ford Focus. It was by miracle and dumb luck they were ever able to escape New York. Those days were like auto drive to Marie.
    <p> Thankfully Marie thought ahead for a day she might have needed to make an escape and had a bug out bag prepared in her car in case of emergency. Unfortunately she didn’t have it prepped for the needs of three people so it didn’t last them long. Lisette became her closest friend, from annoying neighbour blasting too much Katy Perry, to apocalypse partner in crime with a bad smoking habit. Recently she was separated from Lisette and Jason; she had gone out for supplies and gotten herself tangled up with some biters. There were too many to slash through, so she had to hole herself up and take her time. By the time she made it back to their shelter they had already moved on.
    <p> Now she wakes up alone.

    <br><br></div><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">ROLE PLAY SAMPLE</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;"><br>

    <br><br></div><br><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">PLAYER STATS</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;">

    <br>your alias: Nylte
    <br>other characters: None yet
    <br>how you found us: An affiliate link
    <br>age: 21
    <br>rp experience: I don’t know, I don’t want to seem too confident. I’ve been doing it for a few years though!
    <br>goals: A good time
    <br>contact: PM or Email

    </div><br><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div></center>[/dohtml]
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