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    Primary Weapon: Glock 17
    Secondary Weapon: Large Swiss army knife
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    Sep 6 2014, 09:18 AM
    <center><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">KENNEDY JOAN TAYLOR</div>

    <div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div>

    <img src="http://i60.tinypic.com/16bcaw6.jpg">

    <div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;font-family:arial narrow;color:#fbfbfb;font-size:10px;text-transform:uppercase;">

    <marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" width="100%" scrollamount="2">My girl, my girl, don't lie to me.
    Tell me where did you sleep last night?
    In the pines, in the pines,
    Where the sun don't ever shine,
    I would shiver the whole night through.
    My girl, my girl, where will you go?
    I'm going where the cold wind blows.
    In the pines, in the pines,
    Where the sun don't ever shine,
    I would shiver the whole night through.</marquee>

    </div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;">

    <br>GENDER: Female
    <br>AGE: Fourteen
    <br>BIRTHDATE: April 17th, 1999
    <br>NICKNAME(S): Kenny
    <br>SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Undecided
    <br>READ RULES: Glossary

    <br><br></div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;">

    <br>HOMETOWN: Nolensville, Tennessee
    <br>GROUP AFFILIATION: Unaffiliated
    <br>FACE CLAIM: Willow Shields

    <br><br></div><br><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">APPEARANCE</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;">

    <br>HAIR COLOR: Dark, golden blonde
    <br>EYE COLOR: Bright hazel/green
    <br>ETHNICITY: Caucasian
    <br>HEIGHT: 1.42m (4'8")
    <br>WEIGHT: 99lbs
    <br>BUILD: Thin and petite
    <br>DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Slightly freckly face, big wide eyes
    <br>CLOTHING STYLE: Example one <br>Example two

    The first thing you may notice about Kenny, is the fact that she's hard to notice in the first place. Incredibly short standing at only 4"8, this skinny, petite teenage girl is easy to miss. Thin as a waif and delicate as a flower, most would wonder how this little girl survived so long, if at all - there's barely anything to her after all. Her skin is a pale, English rose, and if she didn't have spots of childlike freckles scattered over her, some might say she looked rather deathly and ill. <P>

    Her eyes are a sharp hazel-green in colour, and are big and wide, the look of innocence, and framed with thick, dark brows which make them stand out even more. Once upon a time Kenny's dark golden hair was routinely trimmed to sit just below her shoulders, but after a year of living on a thread it has grown to an impressive length down her back. For safety reasons concerning grabby-handed freaks, she often keeps it tied back and in a baseball cap when she's out and about.<P>

    She has yet to come into her figure yet, with a flat chest and narrow hips, but she sees this as an advantage - it's less weight to hold her down. This combined with her cutesy facial features like her soft baby lips and short button nose makes her look less like fourteen and more like twelve, a lot of people tend to note. Needless to say, this frustrates her a little.

    <br><br></div><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">PERSONALITY</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;"><br>

    Kenny's personality has been warped and changed over the years she has lived. Once she was your normal sweet, young, Tennessean. A small, quiet girl who loved her parents, did her homework, and got along with her chores like a good child should. She went to church and said grace before food, and prayed before bed. But times change, as do people. She's had to grow up really fast, much faster than a child ever should, and it changed her. Now she is incredibly detached from those around her, forcing herself everyday to distance herself from anybody that could hurt her or leave her, to save herself any heartbreak so she can focus on surviving.<P>

    That being said, she's not always the most serious of people - she is after all still just a kid. She appreciates practical jokes, puns, and general silliness, but believes there's a time and a place for all of that, and it's usually when she's away from the group so she can't be nagged. This leads us to the next large trait in her personality - her rebelliousness. Kenny isn't stupid. She wouldn't walk right up to the person in charge of a group and openly mutiny against them - but she gets her freedom in her own little ways instead. If she's tied to a group in a settlement, she'll often sneak out and go exploring late at night - a girl of her size has her ways - always being safe, of course. She's become quite a good shot with a gun as of late and keeps her Glock handy in case she ever needs it, but prefers to rely on running and hiding to get her out of sticky situations.<P>

    Kenny is first and foremost, a moody, hormonal teenager. She has a little bit of an attitude problem which at times gets her into trouble, and she often speaks before she thinks, only making a bad situation worse. She doesn't like being told what to do like a child and feels like she has a lot to prove to everybody, especially the fact that she can look after herself. She's independent and mature for her age, but not perfect, which is something she is yet to realise. She's already realised she can't survive purely on her own without a group, hence joining the Nunez group shortly after her father was killed. She can be quite hot-headed and fiery at times, often letting the sassy, hormonal, and defensive side get the best of her - but she's a good kid really, and just needs to find herself and who she truly is.

    <br><br></div><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">SKILLS</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;"><br>
      <li> Agility & Manoeuvrability. Due to Kenny's small size, she is incredibly light on her feet and in good physical shape, meaning getting away from the freaks is usually a breeze, unless she's injured or unwell. She's also slowly learning parkour, trying to use the environment to her advantage when escaping freaks or even dangerous humans, and can fit into spaces most wouldn't be able to.
      <li> Stealth. Because she is so small and quiet she can get around easily without being heard, making it much simpler to sneak past a herd or back into camp late at night when she's slipped out without permission.
      <li> Wit. For a young girl Kenny has an incredibly sharp tongue, which to most comes across as dry sarcasm from a sassy, hormonal teenager. However it should never be undervalued, as her ability to turn a phrase at such a young age usually results in a double take, confusing people who may be a threat and giving her a chance to get away if needed.
      <li> Sewing. Kenny was taught by her mother from a young age how to sew and stitch, knowing it was always a good skill to have in life - and it proves her well now. She is often stitching up her clothes that have been ripped, making up blankets, and is now even dabbling in medical stitching to further aid her in the future.
      <li> Horse breaking. Due to being raised on a farm, Kenny has a strong suit (and a great love) for all things animal, but in particular she is very good with horses. She is excellent at earning their trust, and longeing them, and slowly breaking them in, making her an ideal horse trainer.
    <br></div><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">INVENTORY</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;"><br>

    (List up to ten separate items that your character possesses. These items may include vehicles, food and water, weapons, memorabilia or miscellaneous gear your character uses to survive. Items of the same name may stack within reason, IE: 5 x bottles of water would count as 1 item. 60 x 9mm bullets would also count as a single item. As your character's story develops, if they find anything to keep during plots, please add the item(s) to this list. At that point, they can start carrying more than 10 items)
      <li> Glock 17
      <li> Large Swiss army knife
      <li> Small supply of tinned foods
      <li> Remington 798
      <li> Various ammunition
      <li> Map
      <li> Flash light
      <li> Water canteen
      <li> Small first aid kit
      <li> Crowbar
    <br></div><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">RELATIONSHIPS</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;"><br>
    • Joan Taylor (Mother) - Deceased, died of breast cancer when Kenny was eleven.
    • George Taylor (Father) - Deceased, torn apart by freaks six months ago.
    • Michelle Woods (Friend)- Deceased, shot in the head by bandits eight months ago.
    • Harry Wilson (Friend) - Alive, whereabouts unknown.
    • Ava Jessop (Friend) - Alive, whereabouts unknown.
    • Colin Tibbs (Friend) - Alive, whereabouts unknown.
    <br></div><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">HISTORY</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;"><br>

    Kennedy Joan Taylor was born in Nolensville, Tennessee to George and Joan Taylor, in the middle of Spring, 1999. The couple had been trying for many years to conceive a child, and thought that it may never happen, until Joan fell pregnant with Kennedy. They were a slightly older couple, and so decided against having any other children after, choosing to put all of their love and attention into raising their only daughter. They owned a small farm which produced dairy and meat for some of the local stores in Nolensville, and made a pretty penny doing so, comfortably being able to pay their bills and the various farmhands that came to work for them, with enough left over to give their child the best possible upbringing. But they were not frivolous with money, and taught Kenny from a young age to never let it get the best of her, a lesson she still knows today.<P>

    The two of them taught her a great deal of things as a child, from breaking in horses to sewing and stitching and even milking cows. They wanted their child to grow up to be as independent and successful as they had been in their lives, and decided the best way was to teach her all the things she would need to know while she was still young. This included religion. The Taylors were a strict Protestant family and went to Church every Sunday, said their prayers before bed and grace before their evening meals. Kenny was a good child, a stable child. When she was five her mother began to home-school her, finding she didn't have enough to do with her time already and wanting to spend just a little more time with the child that was so precious to her.<P>

    When Kenny was nine, her mother got quite ill, and reluctantly decided to stop home-schooling her, sending her to the local establishment to study. Two long years of pain for Joan ended in her untimely death, aged fifty-seven, from breast cancer. George and Kenny were heartbroken and distraught, and for a while, they didn't know what they were going to do. She had been the centrepiece of both their lives for so long, and now she was gone. With some bereavement counselling, and some time, however, George managed to pull himself together, for Kennedy. The farm was still doing rather well, but not as good as more recent times, which meant he had to work more and Kennedy even put herself forward for extra work after school to help out. But they were okay. They had each other, after all.<P>

    Until everything happened. The end of the world, that is. Kenny was now nearly thirteen, and it all started from the warnings on the television set. People were told to stay inside their homes and avoid anybody who might be contagious, but not even twelve hours after the broadcast had aired the world had gone to hell. There were no more broadcasts, and Kenny and George packed a large bag and went on the run to find a refugee camp of sorts, using George's radio as their only means of contact. After three harsh weeks of surviving from place to place, they finally came into a group of about thirty odd people, who had managed to clear out an old ranch on the border of Tennessee and were maintaining and defending it quite well. They resided there for about six weeks until the place collapsed and the group (now short quite a lot of members) moved on together to find another place. <P>

    Kenny's father had found a new lady - Michelle. A lovely, warm hearted woman in her late thirties, Michelle was one of the first people that had shown her genuine kindness in this apocalyptic hell. Kenny adored her, and George even more so - it was the first time he had felt love for a woman since his Joan had passed away. Michelle had given Kenny her pretty silver locket to keep her little scrappy pictures of her parents in, which she still holds dear to her 'til this day. Things were once again looking up for the group as they found a large abandoned warehouse out in the middle of deserted Georgia countryside, complete with high barbed wire (and seemingly electric) fences. Together they cleared the place out, and made it their own. They stayed there for nearly a year, keeping a low profile and training everybody within so they were the best they could be to fight freaks or even people. George refused to let them train her daughter, insisting he should be the one to do it himself.<P>

    He had a large hunting rifle with him - his Remington - which he had taken from the farm, and he would teach her how to shoot in the little practice range the group had set up. His main focus however was teaching her that the gun was not a toy, and should only ever be used in emergencies. He taught her how to track hunting prey like his father had taught him, so she would never have to go fully without food, and other little survival skills that he thought she might need. He couldn't cover everything, but he did his best to make sure she knew the important things. Unfortunately, tragedy struck again, as they were attacked by an unknown group of people, trying to raid them, and many of their group were killed, Michelle included, a bullet going straight through her head. At this point the whole group were finding it difficult to even keep on going any more, feeling like every triumph was just a disaster waiting to happen. The warehouse was now a wreck of bullet holes, and the small remainder of the group (now just twelve people including Kenny and her father) moved on once more.<P>

    It seemed as though their luck had run out, as they couldn't find a place to hole up and were constantly having to set up sound trap perimeters and sleep in the wildness of the forest. This continued on for a good two or three months, until eventually they were met with a herd - a huge one. Many were killed - including George who was ripped to shreds in front of her very eyes - and the rest were scattered. All Kenny had time to do amidst the panic and tears was grab her father's rifle and her bag and run as fast as she could until she just couldn't anymore.<P>

    That was approximately two months ago, and since then she's been toughing it out on her own the best she can, though admittedly it's been very difficult for the girl. She's come across groups and tried her luck, but things kept going wrong for the girl; the groups either being a wrong fit - or the members taking a disliking to her and her rebellious attitude. It's been a real pressure on Kenny, and while she's a strong little survivor she doesn't know how much more she can take before she either loses her mind - or her life.

    <br><br></div><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">ROLE PLAY SAMPLE</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;"><br>

    (This is not required, however, if you would like to submit a role play sample, feel free to do so here. Please put paragraph breaks <*p> (without the asterisk) in between each paragraph)

    <br><br></div><br><div style="font-family:special elite;font-size:30px;color:#8e4623;margin-top: -20px; margin-bottom: -16px;">PLAYER STATS</div><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div><div style="width:400px;text-align:justify;">

    <br>your alias: Kiwi
    <br>other characters: None...yet (muahahah)
    <br>how you found us: I was roaming through sites and came across your affiliate button so clicked to take a look!
    <br>age: 20
    <br>rp experience: 6/7 years experience. I like a challenge. :D
    <br>goals: Some good old fashioned character development - and to make some new friends, I hope!
    <br>contact: Pm me, or ask for my AIM, gmail & Skype if you want!

    </div><br><div style="width:400px;background-color:#201e1c;height:20px;"></div></center>[/dohtml]
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