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     Boatloads of Trouble, Neo-Orphans
     Posted: Aug 29 2013, 12:41 PM
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    Boatloads of Trouble

    user posted image

    It is just sitting there. No one around. No walkers swarming it. It just lays there, rolling slightly in the waves and current that had likely driven it into the soft sand of the beach in the first place.

    Of course, seeing a ship was nothing too noteworthy. Between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, there had been hundreds of cargo, passenger, and fishing vessels that had become scattered amid the waves of the great lakes when the apocalypse started and people all lost their minds amid the panic. Of course, most of those hundreds of ships had either sunk, burned, or were still out there floating with or without a crew. The few that actually made it aground were usually either heavily guarded, emptied of cargo, or packed full of walking dead.

    But this one ... this one is different.

    You have been watching it for what you guess to be an hour now, waiting. The large cargo ship is laying on its side in the sand and surf. Crates are scattered everywhere, displaying everything from designer shirts to boxes of now-useless DVD players and HD TVs. There are no footprints around the wreck or in the surrounding sand, meaning nothing had crawled in and, more importantly, nothing had crawled OUT. There is no sign of raiders or any sort of armed guards. If the ship is trapped somehow, it has been at least a few days since whomever had trapped it had been around. Plus, why would they even bother trapping it and not take the cargo?

    It doesn't make sense. A wreck like this could be a complete treasure trove to a survivor like yourself. Amid the hundreds of boxes of now useless electronic cargo there are bound to be some supplies of use in your modern post-apocalyptic world.

    What if there is new camping gear.

    What if there is an entire crate of freeze-dried food!

    You feel that urge again, the same one you have felt for the last hour now, driving you to rise from your hidden location and run down to the beach to claim your prize.

    But, just like every other time over the last hour, your mind stops you, screaming at you to take caution.

    After all ... nothing in this new world has been given to you. Nothing has ever been this simple of a pay out.

    There is always some sort of complication ... you just can not see what it is...

    You glance over your shoulder once more, and then nervously return your glance to the ship aground on the shore.

    Stay, take the risk, and reap the benefits, or go and possibly forfeit the score of a lifetime?
    Alyssa Corbett
     Posted: Sep 6 2013, 03:52 AM
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    Beep. The scratch and chirp of the radio prompted the youthful and silky, albeit masculine words from the voice-box.

    “See anything?”

    The lake shore was taken in through panoramic surveillance. In a west to east sweep, the beach was observed in perfect focus, but its tides and khaki sands were transfigured and fish-bowled by the two lenses of the binoculars. Along the beach were numerous crates filled with the unknown, and no telling how many more were in the cargo hold of the overturned boat. However, the potential for such loot was dangerous in the modern world. Raider groups would kill for that kind of bounty, and there could be more of the biters in the holds of the ship.

    Despite the obvious dangers that could lurk about the ship, there were no foot prints in the sand or tracks of any sort. The scene looked desolate and vacant of any activity for weeks if not months, and after almost an hour of close observation, Alyssa could no longer contain her curiosity. She lowered the binoculars to the sandy turf she laid upon and brushed her gloved, right hand through her wispy bangs. Her dark, attentive, blue eyes flinched as the sheets of wind ramped off the waves and peppered her face with water-spray and gritty sand. Though the velocity of the wind was a nuisance enough to cause her hand to shield her visage, it didn’t alarm or aggravate her.

    Instead, Alyssa casually lifted the radio from her hip and used her thumb to depress the transmit button. She wet her lips and tasted the earth upon them as she summoned the orders to her mouth.

    “Plenty of potential swag here. These kinds of hauls rarely come easy though. They have a way of presenting danger hand over fist, but I think we may have lucked out here. I don’t see any tracks so I want to take a closer look.”

    Almost immediately, the young man on the other line responded.

    “Alright, I’ll bring the ATV up.”

    Alyssa rolled her eyes and shook her head at the man’s response. To her, it was predictably typical of him to say that.

    “No, wait. Give the keys to Gremlin and load the jemmy bars on it.”

    Her tone was calm and absolute, and it caused the young man’s tone on the other side to quicken and show his true adolescence by cracking in pitch.

    “I wanna be there Aly. You’re going to need me and I wanna see what’s in there!”

    Alyssa interjected him and reasserted her command.

    “No, listen. I want you and the scouts overlooking the beach. If anything goes wrong, I want a clear escape out of here, okay?”


    “And Baker?” Alyssa took a deep breath. Her thoughts were partially distracted by the well being of the others on their assignments. The young woman had yet to hear back from them after their scavenging parties.

    “Yeah?” Baker’s reply was brisk, but labored, as if he was already at work on her task while responding.

    “Have you heard from the Treehouse?”

    “Yeah, Easy and Yakko got back from their runs. Easy ate crow, but Yakko found some of those water bottles with built in filters and some shopping carts. We can use the carts to create that sliding gate you drew up.” The young man’s response brought a sigh of relief to Alyssa’s mouth. In the distance, she could hear the low pitched rumble of her ATV as it approached from the west. The close proximity of it caused the blonde woman to slowly lift herself from the sand. With a wave of her hand, she flagged the driver down and then merrily quipped on the radio. “Sweet. Thanks. Alright my ride’s here so wish me luck.”

    Almost instantly, the voice chimed back through the radio. “Good luck. Hope you find some good booty out there.” Baker’s use of words had the teenaged woman verging on a quiet laugh and she smiled while striding over to the modified side-by-side ATV. “Chyea, me too.” Alyssa ended the radio conversation by sliding the transmitter’s clasp back through the loop at her waist in order to ‘holster’ it. Up ahead of her, a kid no older than fourteen of Hispanic lineage greeted her with a bandaged-patched palm.

    The adolescent boy sat at the ready in the driver’s seat of the ATV. His face was sprinkled with deep pockmarks and acne scars. On his wide nose sat a thick frame of glasses held together by makeshift shafts and black electrical tape. His glasses’s thick lenses magnified the boys dark irises to an enormous size, and though he hadn’t the slightest amount of fur on his head save for his bushy eyebrows and the curly bush of hair crowning his large ears, the boy had a veteran’s expression stretched across his thick lips.

    “You ready Grem?” Alyssa asked, acknowledging the Hispanic boy’s presence as she climbed over the mounted bars preventing easy access into the ride and slid into the side-by-side’s bucket, shotgun seat. The deeply tanned boy didn’t vocally reply, but he nodded a quick ‘yes’ and took a deep breath as if he were steeling himself up for the worst. Alyssa’s question to him was rhetorical though, she knew he was up for it or she wouldn’t have asked him to. Together, the two set off towards the boat. Even at a cautious speed, they arrived briskly and Alyssa climbed out of the vehicle while Gremlin slid up into the turret. The boy armed the light machine gun and readied it for use if need be. Alyssa, on the other hand, cautiously approached one of the beached crates and wedged the jemmy bar into the wood.

    With a grunt she threw her body weight against the bar’s vast shaft for leverage. She could hear the old wood splintering the box’s nails wailing as they bent until one side of the crate finally snapped open. The wood groaned when Alyssa tossed it aside so that she could thoroughly examine its contents.

    “Open sesame.”
    Bailey Jenson
     Posted: Sep 8 2013, 12:57 AM
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    Sitting in the sand the eight year old glanced back and forth from the failed attempt at building a sand castle and the huddled group of teenagers. Haveing been told to stay very close by Bailey had set herself up in a fairly clean patch of sand no weeds or any lone patches of grass stuck up in her spot. But she was rather far from the lavishly flowing body of water that contained whatooked like a bigger version of the little sail boat she once played with in the tub. But it was all broken up and had scattered wreckage laying about. It seemed rather important to the big kids. Of course the others here where all older she had only found herself here and planting herself firmly in the seat not getting out for anything she wanted to come along and by golly she would get to do just that. She loved the water and when she heard they were comeing to the beach she couldn't pass up the chance of course they wouldn't let her get in the water or even near its tides that washed up ashore. So she had to be content for now with just sitting building castles that quickly fell into shambles.

    As she heard the quick approach of the ATV and saw Gremlin driveing it she stood up and waved eagerly before wipeing the sand from her jeans, "Whatcha doin Gremmy yall goin down to the sail boat!" She said exidedly looking from Grem to Alyssa. "Can I help you guys can hand me a box or somethin yeah?! I won't drop it I promise!" She said looking from one to the other. But before she could toss herself aboard the ATV so they'd have to take her they took off. She followed behind for a second before she stopped Nd just planted herself back down in the sand for the moment.

    When she saw Alyssa trying to pry open the first crate Bailey stood up running through the sand nearly rumbling before grabbing the little plastic shovel she was useing, she was sure they could use it to pry the boxes open it was great for digging!

    Running as well as she could through the sand that seemed to squish beneath her slightly oversized boots she was close to them now and breathing heavily she hadn't remembered it being so exhausting trying to run through sand. Of course she had never really run through sand with oversized boots on.

    "Alyssa! Alyssa! Here I can help!" She said just as her rainbow hat flew off her head, and she heard the splintering of wood she turned back around to quickly grab her hat. Once it was in hand she turned back toward the older kids by the sailboat to see what they had fkind in the crate.
     Posted: Dec 3 2013, 11:32 PM
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    The cavernous hull of the ship stands open and inviting to the small group assembled before it. The metal frame of the ship creaks and pops with every wave that crashes upon it, groaning as it fights against the ever-present pressure of the incoming tide that tries to drag the hull back into the dark and foreboding depths of Lake Michigan.

    The ship lay at a forty-five degree pitch in the sand. The bolted rails along its exposed side angle upward and make for an uncomfortable multi-story climb up to the actual deck of the cargo vessel. The sea water and misty rain coating the rails make the climb even more daring and dangerous.

    Many crates have fallen from the deck above and lay strewn about on the sand around the young adults now concentrating around the wreck. Some are smashed open from the impact. Others still sit with their secrets awaiting to be discovered.

    A series of bumps and thumps echo out from within the ships hull. Though no sound can be made out from within over the sound of the crashing surf and tide, the youth can already make some educated guesses as to what might be creating the noise.
    Ketana Bhandari
     Posted: May 29 2014, 02:53 AM
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    Ketana had been there standing near the fallen crates with the first group of kids that had arrived as Alyssa and Grem rode up on an ATV. Ever so slightly, Ketana smiled when she saw the blonde woman hop out of the sidecar. Alyssa's was a friendly face and a friendly person whom had always been nice to her.

    The shivering cold amplified by the frigid water and the unfriendly sweeping wing caused Ketana's grin to fade fast. She pulled her jacket around herself a little tighter. She was dressed in an ugly pink & white plaid dress underneath. The dress had to have been made from a tacky old couch or love seat by someone at some point in the 70's or 80's -- it was positively godawful. But, it fit. It was thick so it helped to keep Keta warm under her jacket and over her tights and boots.

    As Grem turned off the engine to the ATV and got off, movement beyond it caught Ketana's attention. Another kid close to her age that they called Bailey was running frantically with all the might her little legs could carry her wielding a smile on her face and waving around a plastic shovel. She was shouting something but Ketana couldn't quite make the words out.

    As the other children gathered around cargo crates that were peacefully poking out of the sand, Ketana continued to stand apart from them at a small distance, contented to just observe. She was curious what was inside them, too, but didn't like being in the middle of swarm of arms, hands and excitable voices -- even those of the still-living.

    Her fingers fiddled with the worn out straps of her backpack as she turned her attention back to continue to stare at the massive nearby boat that was in the water. She wondered how long the ship had been there and why these crates hadn't been already looted or rotted away. Who had they belonged to? What had happened to the people on the boat? Was there food still on there? Was there a way inside?

    Bumps and thumps and clings and clangs could barely be heard over the sounds of the crashing waves from the lake, but clearly something -- or a bunch of somethings -- were moving around in the bottom of the boat.

    Becoming mesmerized by the way the rivets, lines and curvatures of the seafaring vessel connected and interacted with each other, Ketana noticed a bunch of bolted rails on the side. A ladder! She could climb that. Maybe. Maybe ... she should consider leaving that up to one of the more braver kids.

    A dark shadow cast itself across the upper deck of the ship. Ketana softly gasped when she saw it. It disappeared quickly leaving the young girl unsure if she had actually seen something or if shadows were masterfully playing tricks on her just along the edges of her vision.
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