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     Festival Of The New Age, Open
    Kenji Fujinawa
     Posted: Nov 6 2015, 01:53 PM
    Quote Post
    Asian Sherlock
    Interpol Detective
    24-May 14
    88 posts
    played by Soren
    Awards: None

    Never did Kenji expect to see so many people in one place. Not after the end of the world. Months of planning, preparation and overall hard work led up to this moment. The Festival. Their allied community of Kershaw was designated to be the location. Their host group consisted of two hundred people, and Kenji brought along one hundred of his own. Two other of their allied communities brought the total number almost to four hundred. So many people together in one place was like putting all their eggs together in one basket. But it didn’t matter. This three day event was meant to allow the survivors to take a break and really take the time to interact and coexist with one another in a way that hadn’t been possible since the days before the turn.

    And in all honesty, it unnerved him. Seeing people who had gone through the same horrors make the futile attempt to have a party felt almost selfish, even though he’d been on the committee of people designated to plan this whole thing. It really was important to keep up morale though, so against his better judgement Kenji did make an attempt to socialize. The party started in the early morning.

    The streets of the large farming community were lined with trade kiosks offering all sorts of things. Some people were demonstrating talents, and food of all sorts was available due to the large amount of livestock and cattle that they’d gathered and raised. It was truly a treat to be able to enjoy a chicken leg with a side of corn and all the curry he could ever want. There was so much food available with so many choices that by mid day his belly was stuffed and he had to force himself to take a break from this self-imposed gluttony. During his time alone in the wastes he stuck to a strict diet as to make sure his body weight never reached a point where he was truly starving, but this opportunity was quite possibly a once in a lifetime thing so he didn’t hesitate to indulge himself in the luxuries that Kershaw had to offer. Fully functioning hot showers was something he’d never take for granted.

    The Asian man strolled through the crowded streets, eyes watching the numerous sentries walking the massive walls. Kershaw originally didn’t have weapons when they’d first crossed paths. They’d had to offer all their firearms to The Society, as a method of payment as well as a preventative measure to keep them from fighting back. The one thing all the allied groups had in common was that they were all under Norman Cage’s rule, so they truly were united. It was amazing to see what all of them could do when they put their minds to it. Fujinawa sipped from a cup of ice cold homemade orange soda in his right hand, an unopened unmarked bottle of freshly brewed beer in his left. His eyes landed on a two story brick house to his right. This house, like every other one in the community was boarded up and fortified with the interior stairs retractable in case of breach. What caught his attention was that unlike everybody else at this fair, the man standing on the front porch was armed and standing at attention. Like he was guarding something.

    Curious but also intuitive, the man stepped up the porch and greeted the man.

    ”Hey mate. Want a beer?”

    The guard looked humbled by this simple act of kindness and nodded in appreciation, propping his rifle on a chair. ”Yeah man. I appreciate it. And I should be thanking you for more than this beer.”

    ”Why’s that then?”

    ”You’re the main reason we’re all together. I mean it wasn’t just you, but if you hadn’t came in to help us when you did, The Society would have hit us harder than before.”

    Recalling that gruesome day, his fists clenched. ”You weren’t hit. We were.”

    ”Oh, shit. That’s right. Fuck man I didn’t mean it like that.” The reason Norman originally approached Nunez was because of their involvement with Kershaw that led to the death of almost forty of Norman’s men over a one week period. Norman believed in peace and understood the usefulness of combined forces, so he’d agreed to spare everybody as long as they’d submit to him.

    But still, he’d never forgive the man for killing his friends. And sometimes the revenge seemed worth it.

    ”Look it’s fine. What’s in this house?” He saw no reason to hold up the conversation, getting to his original intent.

    ”Oh. This is where we keep our prisoners. There’s two in there right now. Both of them were people who tried ambushing one of our supply convoys. The other three we hung last night, you might have seen them when you guys crossed the bridge checkpoint.”

    ”Yeah…” Kenji detected a lie in the man’s voice, but couldn’t quite determine what it was. As if it wasn’t a full truth. ”You might if I see them? I used to talk to criminals for a living and I have a psychology degree, this shouldn’t be much different.”

    The guard shook his head at this. ”It’s not my place to say so. You have to ask Sullivan.”

    Kenji nodded. ”Fair enough. What’s your name?”


    Kenji parted ways with the guard and continued down the streets. He passed through the trade market and chuckled under his breath at the sight of Rudy and Reuben selling drugs from their kiosk to a large line of customers. A large number of animals roamed freely throughout the community. Kenji exchanged waves and briefly chatted with people here and there, and eventually found himself on a small hill overlooking a row of houses surrounded with fences with a barn to the other side. A few of his fellow group members were just hanging around, socializing. Elvis sat on the ground with an acoustic guitar in his lap, and occasionally he played riffs from various rock songs.

    ”Is it bad that I don’t really want to be here?” He asked all of them bluntly. After all what was the reason in masking his true opinion. He’d never been one to sugar coat things anyways. It was just hard to think to himself a good deal of people here have murdered somebody and act like they were all supposed to go back to the way things were.

    ”I mean I trust that the people holding the fort back home are okay. I just don’t like crowds. Not anymore.”

    Live Together, Die Alone
    Maricruz Ennis
     Posted: Mar 5 2016, 02:20 PM
    Quote Post
    The New York Giant
    19-August 14
    74 posts
    played by Nylte
    Awards: None

    As she fell, Maricruz waited to be woken up from this nightmare. She wasn’t sure if she got her arms out in time or if she just ate the ground. No fight, no struggle. Just her face in the dirt. Reeking of bourbon and fear. Surrounded by people selling and celebrating- getting to know each other.

    All in all, she was in one of her more pathetic states.

    She was doing so well, Elvis convinced her to come along. Said it would be fun. It all was good on paper, hell, if she wasn’t such a priss she imagined that it would have been a lot of fun. Problem was Marie never was a party girl; she was a stress drinker, an alcoholic waiting to happen. This was the way her life was supposed to go, even if she was up in New York working for her career she would have ended up spending every night up in some dive bar somewhere wondering where it all went wrong. The great thing about the end of the world, was that she knew exactly where it went to shit, she didn’t have to spend hours lamenting over that.

    So sweet, dear, kind Maricruz pulled out her fanciest bottle of alcohol to embrace her future. Rock bottom. Pulling her knees up into a sitting position, she watched people go by. Some laughing and smiling, mingling, making connections. The sorts of things she normally would be doing. Except that it’s been a year since she’s last seen her friends. They were probably dead. No other way to slice it up. Liz was dead, and she is marking the occasion like they always said they would. With a expensive bottle, until they could see the bottom.

    It was only fitting there was a big shindig going on. Liz would have liked it. Fuck it. She would have loved it. Instead of Elvis convincing her to go, and to have a good time, it should have been her. It should have been her bestfriend.

    Marie flung the lid open and welcomed the burning in her throat. Sighing as the brief moment of emotional numbness flooded through her. Ignoring the churning in her stomach and the warning signs going off in her head.

    They were here with other Norman civilizations, and it didn’t sit well with her. Not even a little bit. Call her a bit of a fanatic, but she was a fan of a free Nunez, she never knew a free Nunez, but it was all in the principal of the matter.

    She turned her head and noticed Elvis and a few others, chatting, her eyes fell on Kenji as he sauntered over. Looking all confident and that. Marie tore her eyes away, ignoring the feeling in her chest again as she brought her lips to the bottle. Rudy and some twiddled out coked up kid were at a popular spot, liking selling drugs if first impressions came to mind. She scoffed, shaking her head as Rudy made some wildly inappropriate gesture, she could only assume that it was at her. Or it was all in her mind.

    Rolling unsteadily onto her feet she walked over the hair she had painstakingly curled ended up caught in her mouth as she took another drink. For confidence, because she was a coward. Catching the tail end of the conversation as she arrived.

    ”Ladies.” She smiled, painfully aware of the person standing beside her. Almost every crude word Rudy’s ever said to her playing on repeat in her mind.

    Elvis strummed the little acoustic he brought along for the ride, ”You know, no matter how much you play that thing. You’ll never be able to convince your grandkids you were actually The King right?” She tipped the bottle in his direction, ”Name notwithstanding.”

    Marie let his comment slide off her shoulders. Afterall, it was only her icebreaker. She took one last, and almost unnecessary long drink before she capped off the beverage and pushed it into Kenji's chest. "If you don't like crowds, we should make the party a little more smaller." Pappy Van Winkle coursing through her veins made her think little about consequences, ego, and fear. The woman, she very well might have loved was dead, so she figured it was about time she go on the rebound. A small smile played on her lips. "Intimate."
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