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     Posted: Sep 8 2013, 02:54 AM
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    A Forewarning:

    Both Robert Kirkman (creator of TWD comics) and the producers of the AMC's show of the same name have kept the timeline of the show and comic vague. Along with many other fans of the show, I believe they have done this intentionally, and with good reason: The concept of time and dates really breaks down in a survival situation. Many survivors of calamities, of survivors of being lost in the wilds, can rarely piece together a specific passage of time or coherent chain of events. So, when Rick and his gang are fighting day after day to simply survive what is thrown at them, it would make sense that the ability to follow the passage of time would collapse.

    So, what follows is a loosely-assembled and subjective attempt at a storyline for use in referencing events on this site. Most of the information was cobbled together from the Walking Dead Wiki, with some ideas from the books "World War Z" and "Dies the Fire" to help fill in some of the unanswered questions that the show's story creates.

    It favors the TV show and games over the comic. As a result, my apologies in advance to any that are purists for the incredible comic storyline.

    Use or complain about it as needed.

    All points of time are referenced from the pivotal beginning of the show and comic, in which Rick is shot while on duty. (Day 1, or shootout day)

    For the sake of anchoring all events to a specific date in time, we have chosen to make Day 1 take place in March, 2012. This date was simply chosen for the sake of age planning, and event referencing.

    Perhaps needless to say, as this timeline chronicles events that take place throughout the seasons of the show, the comics, and the video games, spoilers abound EVERYWHERE. Be ye warned.

    For the sake of keeping events from all the media separate, the following color code is used.

    Events from AMC's The Walking Dead are colored in grey

    Events from Telltale Games' The Walking Dead are colored in brown

    Events from the backstories of survivors on this site are colored in dark cyan

    Events from survivor threads posted on this site, or in the archives, are colored in cyan

    Events related to the group "New Gains" are colored in green and bright green

    Events related to the group "Camelot" are colored in gold and bright gold

    Events related to the group "Bridgend" are colored in ochre and orange

    Events related to the group "Nunez" are colored in coral

    Events related to the group "Neo-Orphans" are colored in pink
     Posted: Nov 28 2013, 05:57 PM
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    Prior to Day 1:

    ~34 years before Day 1 (1978): Art Keith joins the Air Force and spends two years stationed in South Korea.

    ~32 years before Day 1 (1980):
    -Jackson Shaw begins racing dirt bikes as a kid. This leads to a life-long hobby as a racer.

    -Rory Daggett accompanies a girl he is seeing to a magic show. The rest is history. The young tough abandons his street gang to focus on the art of prestidigitation.

    ~25 years before Day 1 (1987):
    -Daryl Dixon learns to survive on his own in the wilds after his mother dies and his brother is arrested, leaving him a child in the care of his abusive father.

    -Art sells much of his inheritance and expands his uncle’s construction business into pre-fab buildings.

    -Jackson steals a car on a dare and is caught, but is given a second chance by a judge. He considers it a life-changing event.

    ~24 years before Day 1 (1991): Elder Sartan'sbiological parents, ambassadors to Armenia, die in a mysterious car crash. He is sent to America to live with his godparents.

    ~21 years before Day 1 (1991): Mike Cleyburne joins the South Carolina National Guard.

    ~20 years before Day 1 (1992): Hershel, who was an alcoholic, quits cold turkey in order to be a good father for his newborn daughter, Maggie. He goes on to re-discover his religion as he raises his family on their 140 year-old family farm.

    ~18 years before Day 1 (1994): The day after Luke Barrett graduates high school, he repays years of abuse on his father by putting him in a coma. He steals money from the elder Barrett's militia group and moves to Tampa, FL. There he attends St. Petersburg College.

    ~17 years before Day 1 (1995): Artyom and Stas are some of the only surviving members of their unit during the final conflicts of the 1st Chechen war.

    ~16 years before Day 1 (1996): Luke is hired by Randall List to be a thug/soldier for his company, which works exclusively with the Russian mob.

    ~15 years before Day 1 (1997): Garret Morgan is convicted in a string of bank robberies in and around London. His fiancee, a clerk at one of those banks, moves to America with his three year old daughter to escape the press.

    ~8 years before Day 1 (2004): The FBI arrests nearly all members of Threat Level Zero, including Luke Barrett. He gets 18 months in a Federal medium-level security prison.

    ~7 years before Day 1 (2005): SSgt. Cleyburne deploys with the 196th Combat Engineering Company to Afghanistan for 9 months.

    ~6 years before Day 1 (2006):
    -Lee Everett begins working as a University of Georgia Athens History Professor.

    -Rory Daggett leaves the UK to achieve his dream of having a show on the Las Vegas Strip, bringing along his cousin and assistant Thomas.

    -Mikhail Pavalenko, a brigadier in the Russian mob, gives Luke a position in the Brothers' Circle.

    ~3 years before Day 1 (2009): Garret Morgan is released from prison. His brother Paul, who had testified against him at the trial, mysteriously disappears.

    ~2 years before Day 1 (2009): Alix Brinkman packed up her belongings into her father's 1969 Dodge Charger, said goodbye to her friends, her dad, the city of Seattle she had grown up in and headed off to Atlanta, GA to attend art school at Savannah College of Art & Design to pursue her dream of becoming an established tattoo artist.

    ~1 1/2 years before Day 1 (2010): Phillip Blake (the Governor) enters deep depression after his wife dies, leaving him the sole caretaker of his daughter in Woodbury.

    ~1 year before Day 1 (2010):
    -After losing his wife to cancer, Dale begins a solo road trip in his RV to grieve the loss of his wife to cancer.

    -Jackson becomes a certified mechanic and opens a shop with his brother in Dalton, GA.

    -Brailey graduates with a bachelor's degree in music performance at Boise State University and continues to teach private violin lessons while becoming thoroughly invested in the local music scene.

    -Ivy deals with a rather trying separation and divorce from her husband while she tries to pick up the pieces of her life during a slumping economy by working odds-and-ends entry-level pink collar jobs.

    ~7 months before Day 1 (2011): After a brutal ambush in which he showed amazing courage and initiative, James Stone is awarded the Navy Cross. (Click Here)

    ~5 months before Day 1 (2011): Scientists at the CDC begin encountering their first cases of the new zombie plague, labeled "Wildfire." They are instructed by the government to keep their findings secret in order to prevent a mass panic. Research begins on a vaccine or cure, even as more and more reports start to file from within the USA and from hospitals in other nations.

    ~3 months before Day 1 (2011): Elder Sartan is taken into custody by Homeland Security for uploading photos of Wildfire outbreaks onto his blog "Visions of Ashen Sky." His home office is confiscated, and he is placed in lock-up pending a formal retraction.

    ~2 months before Day 1 (2012, Jan): Jake Woodby and Alix Brinkman start their winter semester and class schedule at SCAD, the art and graphic design college in Atlanta.

    ~2 months before Day 1 (2012, Jan): Samuel Coulter buys out the farms next to his to prevent commercial development. Emboldened, he also begins shopping around for engagement rings.

    ~1 month before Day 1 (2012, Feb): As more mini-outbreaks begin to get national and international attention, scientists frantically try to find a cure to the disease. Jenner loses his wife to the disease, and frantically continues working to find a cure in her name. As the disease still has not been widely publicized, most of the American public takes little notice to the crazy stories of conspiracy theorists. Most attacks are attributed to vicious gangs, or drug-crazed lunatics. The government, on the other hand, begins making doomsday plans in the event of a worldwide epidemic.

    ~1 month before Day 1 (2012, Feb): Fallon prepares to graduate from the culinary arts program through Atlanta's Job Corps branch and head out into the world for the first time as an adult.

    ~3 weeks before Day 1 (2012, Feb): James Stone and his unit are recalled from the middle east back to the USA as part of a planned government response to the increasingly dangerous outbreak of the disease. Though given basic information on the nature of the disease, they find their first attempts at containing it difficult due to the increasingly desperate and dangerous actions of the human populations they are trying to protect. Most of their training and initial actions are kept secret from the public, and officially their actions are reported as just part of a routine refit and training of the unit.

    ~2 weeks before Day 1 (2012, Mar): Tavien Forrester departs on his Spain field trip to hike with his students along the trail of St. James.

    ~1 week before Day 1 (2012, Mar): Andrea’s father gave her a gun to protect her and her sister Amy, as they depart on their road trip to take a tour of colleges in the southern USA.
     Posted: Nov 28 2013, 08:26 PM
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    The Global Outbreak and the Great Panic (SEASON 1)

    Day 1: (2012 Mar)
    -Rick Grimes is shot in a firefight with fugitives. He enters a coma and is placed under the care of the Harrison Memorial Hospital.

    -Lee Everett is found guilty of manslaughter for the murder of a state senator suspected of having an affair with his wife. He is arranged for transportation from Atlanta to the West Georgia Correctional facility to serve a life sentence.

    -Clementine is left with her babysitter Sandra, as her parents travel to enjoy a night together in Savannah. Her parents never return.

    -Tavien Forrester prepares to board his flight from Spain back to Portland. There will be a layover in Atlanta, where 2/3rds of the group will disembark. He chats with Dallen on the phone while waiting to board the flight. (Click Here)

    -Alix Brinkman and Jake Woodby meet at a dance club, and end up with a first-hand view of the disease now taking over the town of Atlanta and converting its citizens to walkers. (Click Here)

    -James Stone's unit receives orders to encircle Atlanta and prevent any of the city's residents from departing without first being scanned for signs of the lethal infection. Sadly understaffed for such an undertaking, their checkpoints are quickly overrun by people desperate to escape the swelling carnage taking place in the city.

    Days 2-14 (2012 Mar):
    -Atlanta erupts into a full epidemic. The military does its best to seal the city and prevent spread of infection as the downtown region of the city becomes dominated by the walking dead. Thousands die and are reborn as crazed cannibalistic killers.

    -Due to news of the drastic epidemic taking place in Atlanta finally leaking into the mainstream media, the overall populace of the USA enters a state of massive panic and unrest as people begin disobeying laws, and killing one another in a mass grab for resources and supplies. Basic utilities fall apart, power stops, and most emergency workers depart their positions to care for their families. Similar scenes of chaos begin to erupt world-wide as epidemics similar to Atlanta begin sweeping the globe.

    -Garret Morgan boards one of the last ever commercial flights into America.

    -Rebecca Woodward leaves Vanderbilt University in Nashville, driving to Ada, Oklahoma in hopes of finding both sanctuary and stable utilities to ride out the first wave of the Outbreak.

    -Elder escapes from lock-up and retrieves his survival gear from its hiding place, including a laptop containing government documents he still hasn't managed to decrypt.

    -Alix and Jake attempt to escape SCAD. Jake dies and is reborn as Death Trooper. Alix is forced to leave him behind, and is collected by the military and placed in a refugee camp. (Click Here)

    -Tavien and Dallen encounter one another while fighting to survive in Atlanta. Banding with other survivors, they attempt to escape the city, and are eventually collected by the military and placed in a refugee camp. (Click Here)

    -Shane checks in on Rick one last time before following evacuation orders, and witnesses a massacre between the walking dead, the military, and the hospital staff. Hearing no heartbeat, he blockades Rick's door, and then departs with Rick's family to Atlanta.

    -Lee Everett escapes his transport to the prison and saves Clementine from her undead babysitter. They both escape Atlanta and head to Hershel's farm.

    -The West Georgia Correctional Facility begins releasing and killing off inmates due to the spread of the infection within its walls. Within days, the prison becomes a haven for the dead.

    -Vince, a prisoner heading to the West Georgia Correctional Facility, escapes his prison bus during the outbreak.

    -Casey begins frantically trying to return through the chaos of the Great Panic to discover the fate of her family. (Click Here)

    -Hannah awakens from a car crash to find her small town crawling with undead. She finds solace and her family in the home of her former husband. They plot to escape, and she is bitten and her former husband killed in the attempt. She sacrifices her life to give her children a fighting chance. She awakes later as a legless undead.

    -Chase breaks into a storage facility to escape walkers, and meets B.J., who runs the place like a king. Chase gets power running, and B.J. tries to kill him. Chase survives, rescues Kelly from bondage at B.J.'s hands, and escapes the facility with her after they kill B.J. together.

    -Mike Cleyburne’s National Guard unit is called up to report to Fort Jackson, SC. Their first assignment is to build fortifications and evacuation centers in and around the state capital of Columbia.

    -After a declaration of emergency by the SC governor, the government strongly urges citizens of Bridgend to report to established “safe zones” inside the town limits or report to refugee centers. Artemus Keith decides to ignore the edict and defend his home instead.

    -Jackson Shaw and his brother Darren are attacked by zombies at Darren’s garage in Dalton, GA. Darren is killed and Jackson rushes to warn his other brother Robert. Unfortunately, he arrives too late -- Robert’s family has also been killed and his brother bitten. After mercifully putting Robert down, Jackson escapes to the mountains of northern Georgia.

    Days 15-29 (2012 Apr):
    -Jenner learns that the French are getting close to a cure, but sadly loses contact with the rest of the world after the Great Panic causes most people to leave their work for their families. For all intents and purposes, the CDC becomes inoperable, as do near all medical facilities devoted to disease outside of the USA.

    -Philip Blake helps establish the fortifications around the city of Woodbury, and takes upon himself the title of Governor.

    -Lee, Clementine, and Kenny are kicked off Hershel's farm, and depart to Macon. There, they meet Lilly's group (including Glenn), and work together to take shelter from the walkers in a hotel. They decide to fortify themselves in it, while Glenn decides to head to Atlanta in search of friends.

    -Andrea and Dale, Shane and Lori, Daryl and Merle, and Carol all meet while trying to find safety in Atlanta. They witness the military firebombing the city, and decide to find safety on their own instead.

    -Kenji manages to pull together a group of like-minded survivors from Atlanta and escapes with them to the small town of Nunez.

    -The Camp forms upon the crossroads of two rural roads and the remnants of a former farmer's market.

    -The town of Bridgend is quarantined and placed under martial law after the first reported case of a zombie attack. Utilities fail and communication is cut-off from the outside world. Rioting, looting, and general civil disobedience swells.

    -Stanley Coulter burns the town of Jackson, Montana to the ground.

    Days 30 - 65 (2012 May):
    -Rick awakens from his coma, escapes the hospital, sees the zombified Hannah, and is rescued by Duane and his father, Morgan. After discovering all that has happened while he slept, Rick leaves Duane and Morgan and heads to Atlanta. There, he is attacked by a large pack of walkers, and saved by Glenn and his group. They are forced to leave Merle behind due to the man's actions. After escaping the city, Rick is reunited with his wife and Shane.

    -Rick leads a return group to Atlanta to rescue Merle. They encounter a Latino survival group, and return to the camp just in time to save it from a walker attack. Shane blames Rick for having left and for the deaths of the camp members, including Amy and Carol's husband.

    -Rick leads the group to the CDC, where they encounter Jenner and discover that "Wildfire" has consumed the world. He reveals to Rick that everyone is infected with the virus, removing all hope from Rick. The group then escapes the explosion of the CDC and departs Atlanta for Fort Benning, or perhaps another safe location.

    -Tavien, Alix, Dallen, Ivy, and James struggle to survive in the horrific conditions of the refugee camps. As dissent mounts, a riot causes a complete camp meltdown, eventually leading to the deaths of over 3/4ths of all remaining Atlanta refugees. During the chaos, Alix and Dallen escape and go into hiding within the Atlanta region. (Click Here) (Part 2) (Part 3)

    -The Camp rapidly devolves into a scattering of dirty tents and people, with the wealthiest of them in resources lording over the rest. Sickness and death run rampant throughout the encampment. Camp leaders begin to raid local farmers to keep their food supply constant. (Click Here) (Part 2)

    -Becca Woodward meets Wil Riley, an NYPD detective whose vacation had been ruined by the Outbreak. The two team up and begin gathering information. As time goes on, other survivors join them, forming a small group holed up on the East Central University campus.

    -Fallon and Sebastian "play" amid the ruins of Atlanta. (Click Here)

    -All resemblance of order is lost in Bridgend as the outbreak consumes the Medical Park and the rest of the town. Many survivors flee into the countryside. After his wife is killed by biters, Art Keith takes his daughter Jenny and joins a large refugee camp at the Pee Dee River bridge.

    -The last safe zone at Fort Jackson is overrun by walkers, creating mass panic and chaos among soldiers and civilians alike. Mike Cleyburne is forced to kill his commanding officer to stop him from gunning down the living. He rounds up a small group of survivors and together they escape Columbia and head east on Interstate 20.

    -The majority of the eastern USA faces massive epidemics. The leadership of the government relocates to Hawaii and proceeds to close all borders and incoming transportation by land or sea. Sadly, they discover that Wildfire is still present on the islands, and struggle to keep the islands from being overrun. The western states begin to see large spikes in outbreaks, but mostly face losses in population due to civil unrest, violence, and a mass migration into both Canada and Mexico, neither of which proves very successful, as the whole world is boiling with the infection.

    -World civilization for all intents and purposes at this point has shattered into small shards of survivors and remnants of regimes. Anarchy and chaos rule the day, death is constant, and the walking dead parade down barren streets of most major cities, consuming those unlucky few left within them. All utilities and social structures have fallen into ruin, aside from specific military and government redoubts. Due to the loss of electricity in most areas, what little communication remains bounces between radio channels and ad-hoc networks of struggling survival camps.
     Posted: Nov 28 2013, 09:10 PM
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    The Farm (SEASON 2)

    Days 66-83 (June):
    -Rick and his group encounter a herd while blocked in traffic, and they lose Carol's daughter. While searching for her, Carl is shot. They meet Hershel, and Shane gets the supplies that Hershel needs to keep Carl alive, at the cost of his humanity. Hershel agrees to allow Rick's group to stay at his farm, as long as they abide by his rules.

    -Rick's group scours the region for Carol's daughter and for supplies. Eventually, Glenn discovers that Hershel is keeping walkers in his barn, and after a massive disagreement on leadership, Shane opens the barn and kills all walkers inside. Only then do they discover Carol's daughter was a walker in the barn, and that she had been dead likely since the first night they had lost her.

    -The loss of the walkers, all former family and friends of Hershel, causes the man to return to drinking. Rick and Glenn find him in a bar, and convince him to return to his family. Unfortunately, they are attacked by a raider group. They capture one of the raiders, and bring him back to the farm. There, they debate on what to do with the young man. Dale fights hard to prevent the boys execution, but when Dale dies, the boy's fate is sealed.

    -Rick and Shane continue to clash on their leadership structure, and on the love of Rick's wife, Lori. This conflict comes to a head when Shane tries to kill Rick, and Rick is forced to kill his own friend. That same night, a massive herd from Atlanta overruns the farm and destroys it. All of Rick and Hershel's group are required to abandon the farm and scavenge in the rurals of southwest Georgia to survive.

    -Andrea, separated from Rick's group, is saved by Michonne. The two become fast friends and protect one another over the following months.

    -Death Trooper staggers around the ruins of Atlanta, and begins to hunt for food outside of the city with his herd in tow. (Click Here)

    -Kenji establishes his group in Leroy Book's Church, and begins to gather survivors from the outlying region.

    -Garret arrives in Seattle to find his former lover dead and his daughter long gone. Despite the odds, he takes a thin shred of information--a group of girls leaving town on a rock star's tour bus--and begins to scour the country relentlessly.

    -Stas finds the CDC in ruins, and accepts his mission and his former nation to be lost. He goes about killing off feral and cannibal groups, and surviving the apocalypse taking place around him. (Click Here)

    -The full strength of the Wildfire epidemic hits the western states, and combines with the chaos of the great panic to cause a massive death toll in all major western cities. The remnants of organized life form small survival communities amid the untamed wilderness of the northwestern Rockies.

    -Wyatt and his friend are chased down by a violent trucker, and Wyatt barely escapes death in the fog.

    -Mike’s group gets into a firefight with another band of survivors over control of an abandoned Pepsi-Cola truck. He decides to head home on his own, but is joined by another Fort Jackson escapee, Charlie Reynolds.

    -Having escaped Miami, Luke heads northward. Sick, starving, and desperate, he happens upon a hapless group of two families in Macon, GA. He brutally kills them all, unknowingly within sight of Ninetta LaBatte and her gang. He takes her up on the offer to join her band of killers and pillagers.

    Days 84-110 (2012 June):
    -Lee and Clementine struggle to reinforce their hotel and to keep the members of their small community alive. They receive an invitation to visit a farm in the area. Upon arrival, they discover the owners of the farm to be cannibals, and are imprisoned by them. Lee manages to escape, and kill the farm owners, allowing the rest of the group to escape before walkers overtake the farm and kill everyone remaining within.

    -Merle is discovered by the Governor, and begins to help Philip as the Governor starts targeting other survivor groups to steal supplies and keep Woodbury alive.

    -Fallon, Ninetta, Kurt, and Saya form a basic agreement to support one another in their raiding of the Atlanta area. This agreement eventually forms the basis for the Four Horsemen.

    -Casey and Ari find themselves under attack by a herd of walking dead. As their defenses collapse, Stas arrives and gets them out. Soon after, Stas' real intentions for rescuing them come clear, and Casey and Ari are forced to escape, parting ways in the process. (Click Here)

    -Tavien, Ivy, and James struggle to survive as the remnants of the refugee camp finally collapse under a combined assault of walkers and increasingly bold raider groups. All three escape into the Chattahoochee wilderness and struggle to survive.

    -Brailey Davis forms a symbiotic relationship between surviving members of her local bomb shelter and those of the nearest Mormon church. Together, they fortify their area against the undead assault.

    -Stas encounters Elizabeth, and after some initial tension, the two work together to gather supplies. (Click Here)

    -While searching for supplies along I-20, Mike and Charlie find Terri Jacobs in an abandoned semi. She’d been beaten and gang-raped by marauders, then left to die. It takes a month before she’s on her feet again. The three then continue on for Mike’s hometown of Bridgend, SC.

    -Olivia and Chris meet in a jail. Chris gets her out, and they both share their survival stories while sticking together for a time. (Click Here)

    -With supplies dwindling, Jackson goes back onto the road. He heads for Chattanooga, TN.

    -The river camp near Bridgend is overrun in the middle of the night by biters. Art manages to lead a small group of survivors to safety.

    Days 111-138 (2012 July):
    -Rick and his small band of survivors take refuge for a time in an abandoned storage center. Unfortunately, food runs short, and they are forced once more to be on the move.

    -The Four Horsemen continue to grow their numbers, and start combining their forces to crush and dominate the rival survival groups surrounding them. They set up base in Macon and continue to raid the area, coming into conflict with early Nunez members. (Click Here)

    -Lee and his group are forced to abandon their fortified hotel due to attacks by raiders in Macon, possibly linked to the Four Horsemen. He convinces Kenny to load everyone in the RV and depart further east toward Savannah. Along the way, Lilly kills a member of their group and takes off in their RV. They are forced to get a train working, and have to kill Kenny's son after his wife kills herself.

    -Lee's train travels through a massive herd of walkers. They add Omid and Christa to their group when the train is forced to stop. With their help, they get past the roadblock and head into Savannah.

    -Lee and Clementine arrive in Savannah, and find it barren. After exploring the city, they are attacked by a herd, and hole up in an abandoned house. They meet other survivors, and investigate a former survivor community that had fallen into ruin. During this investigation, Clementine is kidnapped by a deranged man, and Lee is bitten while trying to find her. Lee loses track of Omid, Christa, and Kenny, and manages to save Clementine on his own. However, he does not survive the bite, and is forced to have Clementine kill him. Clementine escapes Savannah and uses Lee's wisdom he taught her to keep herself alive. She eventually encounters Omid and Christa, and joins them.

    -Dallen meets Elizabeth and Silas, and together they establish a secure base in the Home Depot of Gainesville, GA.

    -Rory Daggett captures and fortifies the former casino Camelot in Las Vegas, and begins refining his survival group there.

    -After passing through Ellington, SC Mike and his companions find shelter at the Humphries farm. There, they met the first friendly face in months: the grandmotherly Agnes. Mike puts down her turned husband at her request. (Click Here) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

    -Barely escaping Chattanooga, Jackson travels to Atlanta. He falls in with a band of survivors called the Middle Georgia Militia, that turn out to be raiders and pillagers.

    -Art’s group converts his former place of work -- called The Warehouse -- into a defensible home and begins to gather supplies. Other survivors join the group in the coming weeks.
     Posted: Nov 28 2013, 10:54 PM
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    Lost and Alone (Between Season 2 and 3)

    Days 139 - 202 (2012 July-Aug):
    -Paul and Karina, the only survivors of their overrun camp, escape to a hospital and encounter a nurse that grants death to those seeking it. Karina, thinking Paul dead, agrees to die. Paul, after dealing with the nurse, escapes the hospital with an undead Karina in tow.

    -Christa, Omid, and Clementine stop to re-supply at an old rest stop. While there, Clementine is held up by a bandit, and Omid is killed attempting to save her. Christa kills the bandit, and, with Omid gone, she and Clementine are forced to fight to survive on their own.

    -Becca visits The Camp while trading for supplies for her own group. She is not impressed, and mentally vows never to return. (Click Here)

    -Dominic Leary scavenges for a safe place while recognizing his old life is gone. (Click Here)

    -James Stone, having lost his remaining members of his squad, starts to devote the remainder of his life toward finding and killing off any raider group he can encounter. (Click Here) (Part 2)

    -Samuel Coulter arrives at Camelot and is horrified by what he finds there. His cousin, however, decides to join the fledgling community.

    -Hearing rumors of a still functioning internet signal in Las Vegas, Elder Sartan abandons his plans of heading to the ranger's station in Yellowstone and heads south, but is shot.

    -Artyom arrives in the USA, having escaped the desolation of his home country.

    -Russel is picked up by a crazed raider, and works with him to secure a gas station diner.

    -Tavien hides out in a cabin, discovers Wilson, and then tries to share the cabin with other survivors. They nearly kill him, and he is forced to once more escape into the wild, this time with cat in tow.

    -Unable to stomach the MGM’s version of survival, Jackson steals a Jeep and travels west. He spends two months living in the abandoned Little River RV Park & Campground, outside Fort Payne, AL (Click Here)

    -Mike Cleyburne and his companions leave the Humphries Farm bound for Bridgend. After a couple of days, he makes it to his father's home along Belmont Lake. There he finds the graves of his wife Heather and his father John. Daughter Emily is missing. Recognizing that he can not just remain and grieve forever, he reburies his wife and moves on with his friends by his side. (Click Here) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)

    -Art struggles to keep the spirits of the people high in Bridgend. A scavenging party from The Warehouse is ambushed by marauders in Bridgend, leaving two dead and a third wounded. (Click Here) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

    -Art encounters Mike and invites him to join Bridgend. Mike does his best to fit in, but struggles with his grief. The members of the Warehouse try to help him cope. (Click Here) (Part 2)

    -Art is amazed by the ingenuity of his people as they learn to use what they have to create what they need. (Click Here)

    Days 203-240 (2012 Sept-Oct):
    -Bonnie is chased through a cornfield by a raider group.

    -Shel and her group discover someone that has robbed from the group's food supplies, and decide to release them. This proves disastrous, as the robber's group returns and kills part of Shel's team.

    -Rory Daggett orchestrates the deaths of Professor Kildare and his cousin Thomas, helping to transform Camelot from a commune to a group with centralized leadership.

    -A gang arrives in Ada, Oklahoma and begins slaughtering the survivors they find there. Becca Woodward's group is decimated and Wil Riley forces her into a Jeep and sends her away, promising to catch up to her later.
     Posted: Nov 28 2013, 11:03 PM
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    The Prison (SEASON 3a)

    Days 240-290 (2012 Oct-Nov):
    -Rick and his group find the West Georgia Corrections Facility, and fight their way into it. They find living prisoners inside, and tons of rations. After a fight with the prisoners over leadership, and after nearly losing Hershel, Rick establishes the prison as a safe place for Lori to have the baby. The remaining prisoners prove their loyalty as they clean out the rest of the cell blocks. Glenn and Maggie also bond even closer.

    -Shel discovers that her own friend has stolen food from the team, and is forced to kill her own friend in order to not repeat the mistakes of the past.

    -James rescues Ashton and her abusive father, and escorts them to safety at the Prison, where Rick and the rest of his group deal with them. (Click Here)

    -Death Trooper's herd arrives in Nunez, and overruns the city. The members of Nunez scatter, and Kenji spends the remainder of the fall and early winter struggling to rebuild the group in a more secure location - the Nunez Storage Center.

    -John and Ari escape the attack on Nunez, and begin to make their way toward John's family home in Gainesville. They rejoice upon arrival, and begin working on getting the house defensible and in order. (Click Here)

    -Death Trooper, now well fed and separated from his herd, staggers off toward Macon. There, he is picked up by Fallon and made into her constant companion. (Click Here)

    -The Four Horsemen, now the unquestioned dominant force in Macon, plot of further conquests even as small fissures in their unity start to show. (Click Here) (Part 2)

    -Ivy Blais teams with others in an abandoned police station in order to survive the winter. (Click Here)

    -Samuel Coulter is left for dead by a group of raiders along the edge of the Great Pee Dee river. He is discovered by members of the Bridgend group, which adds to the tension with the Los Dementes gang. They are decimated in a foolish attack on the Warehouse. (Click Here)

    -Lacey, Art, and Samuel talk and reflect upon all that took place in Bridgend during and after the attack. (Click Here)

    -Mike Cleyburne discovers the "home" of Elliot Parker at DAX Pharmaceuticals and invites her to join the Warehouse group. (Click Here)

    -Having been nursed back to health by a mysterious woman, Elder resumes his trip to Las Vegas.

    -The ragtag members of the Neo-Orphans encounter a grounded cargo ship and explore it for loot. (Click Here)

    Days 290-323 (2012 Dec):
    -An escaped prisoner unleashes walkers on Ricks group, and Lori dies in an emergency c-section as a result. Rick's sanity cracks, and the group struggles to fill the void of leadership.

    -Garret, on the search for his daughter, finds a new ride. (Click Here)

    -Olivia encounters Tepahtiani along the trails of Yellowstone. (Click Here)

    -Stas continues capturing and trading slaves with the Four Horsemen. Along the way, he proves himself superior to any other raiders that he encounters, and even befriends a few of his competitors. He kills the rest. (Click Here)

    -The Four Horsemen begin to show signs of unraveling as grudges and scarcity create rifts between its leaders. The group holds an arena in an attempt to divert the anger, but instead the poor arena results just add fuel to the burning fire of hatred between them. Every group begins to feel that the others are taking more than their fair share of food, slave labor, and weapons. This finally ends when a deadly plague spreads through the slave pen, killing and reanimating most of the population of the Four Horsemen and sending the remainder running for safety out of Macon. (Click Here) (Part 2) (Part 3)

    -Rory works to solidify Camelot's strength through recruitment of survivors willing to follow his code. He meets and tries to recruit Ash and Berislav, (Click Here) (Part 2) (Part 3)

    -Artyom arrives in the USA, is assaulted by raiders, frees himself and other captives, and then escapes to Nunez. There, he becomes a part of its rebuilt community. Many of the former Nunez members have rejoined it, and the community's influence and needs have swollen. Kenji does his best to lead the group as they branch out and connect with other groups in the area that might be friendly to their cause. (Click Here) (Part 2)

    -James Stone, Casey McKorrin, and Tavien meet in an auto garage in Buford. After staying the night together, they decide to part but meet once more in Gainesville at the airport there. (Click Here)

    -James and Casey go hunting for supplies at a Wal-Mart, and become bogged down in a freak snow and ice storm. The storm makes their return trip to the garage and then to Gainesville a challenge. (Click Here) (Part 2)

    -Tavien meets Alix once more in Buford, and becomes snowed in with her. The auto garage lights on fire, and they are forced to abandon it. So, they head north to Gainesville together, stopping along the way to help Kei and gather supplies. Like James and Casey, this trip takes far longer than expected due to the terrible weather conditions. (Click Here) (Part 2)

    -Silas and Elizabeth are killed by raiders, and Dallen is forced to abandon the home depot to the walking dead while he mentally recuperates in a hotel with Alison. (Click Here)

    -Dallen, Tavien, and Alix all arrive in Gainesville around the same time. They help re-secure the Home Depot, and then get to work repairing it and making it a home for themselves and for others. (Click Here) (Part 2)

    -Tavien broadcasts a signal to all of the Gainesville area, attracting both wanted and unwanted attention as multiple people hear the signal and are drawn in to 'New Gains'. Ari, separated from John due to a herd attack, hears Tavien's message and asks for assistance. Tavien and Alix depart to rescue her, and are in turn rescued by Casey and James, who had arrived in Gainesville a few weeks before and had been surviving at the Gilmore Memorial airport, looking for a serviceable place to fly. Dallen arrives and everyone returns to the Home Depot, where they set about making it into a survivor colony. (Click Here)

    -Ivy assembles a rag-tag group of survivors, using the supplies from the police station. She begins broadcasting radio, music, and messages of survival into the Gainesville region. (Click Here)

    -Jackson spends a week in the relative safety of a camp inside Kingston, GA.

    -Conner and Art meet outside Bridgend, and Art invites the man into the safety of the city. (Click Here)

    -The Wildfire pandemic begins to slow as scavengers, parasites, and weather conditions begin to take their toll on the walker populations worldwide ... especially in the northernmost and southernmost countries where snow and ice are plentiful. All known living humans at this point are infected and will turn upon death, but most have avoided the burning illness that often accompanied it during the initial epidemic.
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    Woodbury (Season 3b)


    Days 324-400 (2013 Jan-Mar):

    AMC TWD and Telltale's TWD

    -Andrea is sick, and Michonne works hard to keep her alive and moving. They encounter the Governor as he is investigating a crashed helicopter, and as a result join the community of Woodbury.

    -Michonne becomes increasingly mistrustful of the Governor's intentions even as Andrea bonds with him.

    -Michonne leaves Woodbury, and the Governor sends Merle to track her down and kill her. She manages to escape him and arrive at the prison. At the same time, Glenn and Maggie are captured by Merle and tortured.

    -Rick takes Daryl with him and attacks Woodbury to rescue Glenn. They retrieve Glenn, but Daryl is caught and forced to fight his own brother. Michonne confronts the Governor, cuts his eye out, and kills his walker daughter. Rick manages to get Daryl away from the Governor, and they all return to the Prison.

    -Daryl and Merle depart on their own. Rick allows Michonne to join the group.

    -The Governor attacks the Prison, killing a former prisoner and unleashing walkers into the prison grounds. Daryl and Merle return to the Prison to save the day. Rick decides that to fight the Governor, they will need weapons, and that they should return to the King's County sheriffs office to get the weapons. There, he finds Duane, who had first saved him, and who has since gone insane due to losing his son. He is able to get through to Duane, and get weapons and ammo from him.

    -Andrea tried to negotiate peace between the groups, without success, as she is now treated as an outsider by them. She struggles with her feelings for the Governor and her feelings for her group.

    -Rick and the Governor meet and try to discuss a truce between them. It fails, as the Governor demands the life of Michonne. Rick sends Merle to deliver Michonne, and then once he realizes what he has done, sends Daryl to stop it. Sadly, Merle had already let Michonne go, and gone after the Governor himself. Merle was killed, and Daryl is forced to kill Merle's walking corpse.

    -Andrea finally tries to escape the Governor, but is caught by him. He proceeds to torture her by leaving a dying Milton in the room with her. The walker Milton bites her, and by the time Rick is able to save her, it is too late.

    -The Governor attacks the prison, but the attack fails due to Rick's surprise counter-assault. Angered at his own failing troops, the Governor guns down his own army, and then drives off, leaving Woodbury to its fate.

    -Rick and his group arrives in Woodbury and finds it empty of troops. He softens his heart and takes in all the former members of Woodbury into the prison, thus ending the war between the two communities and bringing them together under one roof.

    -The Governor, abandoned by his own henchmen after the failed attack on the prison and the loss of Woodbury, wanders listlessly, broken, and without purpose; only a step above the walking dead themselves. He finally finds hope in Lilly Chambler, and begins a new life as her protector, lover, and friend. He becomes especially close with Lilly's daughter, as she reminds him of his own.

    -Tavia contacts the 400 day survivors and invites them to a safe community. Most agree to join her, and they work together to develop a safe-house within an old home construction store, under the strong leadership of a man called Carver.


    -Kenji, leader of Nunez, can not shake the feeling that the peace and prosperity Nunez is encountering is not to last. He seeks to calm his fears on a horse ride with Daylon. (Click Here)

    -Cody encounters a dog, and a whole group of people to save. (Click Here)

    -Daylon, lost and away from Nunez, encounters Cody. The two hide out away from the undead together. (Click Here)


    -After deciding to try his luck eastward, Jackson gets back onto the road. He gets caught in a January snowstorm and rides it out in a cemetery mausoleum in Walker County, GA. (Click Here) (Part 2)

    -Gabriel meets with both Ava and Becca in the Atlanta region. (Click Here) (Part 2)

    -Jackson arrives in the Atlanta area, encountering Ava, and then Becca. All of them are able to use CB equipment to hear Ivy's broadcast message. (Click Here) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

    -Jackson and Becca make a visit to Bridgend to look for energy sources. They encounter members of The Warehouse, and end up negotiating a trade with them: information for resources. In doing so, they gain a mutual respect for one another. (Click Here) (Part 2)

    -Jackson and Becca reluctantly depart from Bridgend and encounter another more violent survivor group near the Virginia Tidewater, just south of the Norfok/Portsmouth area. After a scuffle, they gain a new rider in their group, Arianna (Click Here)

    -Art helps clean up after a walker attack on his people, and sadly is forced to say goodbye to a good friend. (Click Here)


    -Ivy holds a conversation with others over the radio channels. Her first conversation is with Alix of New Gains. (Click Here)

    -Irakli and his raider group have a nasty encounter with Stas. (Click Here)

    -Kimi and Dominic become unlikely allies after Dominic hops into her vehicle and ends up chatting with her overnight. (Click Here)

    -Christopher Mears encounters a New Gains scavenger run. (Click Here)

    -Dawson Cates, a recent addition to New Gains, reflects on he and his daughter's place in the group. He and Dallen make small talk while clearing the fences of walkers. He also has a conversation with his daughter, Leslie, to try to instill in her the reality that they live in while talking to her about music. (Click Here) (Part 2)

    -Sophia Daren, a recent arrival at New Gains, attempts to set up a health clinic to give back to the New Gains group. (Click Here)

    -Kimi and Dominic get the same idea as Alix and Dallen: Investigate a chicken hatchery and see if they can stir up some eggs. They encounter one another, and have to come to a mutual agreement over what was found there. (Click Here)

    The Western USA

    -Brailey Davis starts her trek south from Idaho to discover if anything beyond Boise has survived. She meets Eldar in the Nevada desert, after heading west from the survivor communities around Salt Lake City. They end up becoming prisoners of the former Nellis AFB. (Click Here) (Part 2)

    -Emily Fukimo Marston drives into the former state of Idaho, seeking someplace, anyplace, better than where she left. (Click Here)

    -Olivia and Gaia give dueling viewpoints of the living situation on the former Boise State University campus. (Click Here)

    -Artyom departs from Nunez and heads west.

    -Kurt, Fallon, Luke, Nina, and the surviving remnants of the Four Horsemen, decide to seek plunder in Vegas. They travel the countryside, encountering a fierce boy in Oklahoma that impresses Luke, and two girls in Colorado that impress him even more. The jealousy this causes in Ninetta causes a minor bloodbath upon Luke's return. Finally, close to Vegas, they run into trouble on the road in the form of Artyom. (Click Here) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

    -The remnants of the Four Horsemen enter Vegas, and encounter Camelot for the first time. (Click Here)

    - A chance encounter with the strange Aztec Tepahtiani leads Garret to the remains of the tour bus among the woods of Yellowstone, and a renewed sense of purpose. (Click Here)
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    Terminus (SEASON 4)

    Days 401-500 (2013 Apr-May-Jun-July):

    -The prison group has grown in number, and in strength. They are farming, inviting new members to their group, and have reinforced the prison to truly be a safe home. The former members of Woodbury and the original members of the Grimes convoy live in peace and prosperity ... for a short season.

    -The Governor convinces Lilly, Tara, and her daughter to escape their apartment and attempt to survive in the wild. They end up uniting with a survivor group lead by one of his former henchmen, Martinez. At first, The Governor tries to just be a helpful member of the group, and a loving member of his new family. However, after multiple close calls on the life of Lilly and her daughter, The Governor realizes that the only way to truly keep them safe is to retake the prison and relocate his new family into it.

    -Through murder, charisma, and subterfuge, The Governor takes over the survivor group he and his family are in. He slowly starts introducing them to the idea of taking the prison, and prepares them for war.

    -Dallen, Elizabeth, Ari, and Baloo end up getting separated from New Gains while on a mission to encounter other survivor groups. Ari ends up spending some time with a group near Lake Lanier. Dallen ends up in a convoy with Ashley Dunham, trying to maintain a farming ground over the winter.

    -Dallen escapes into the woods when a massive herd swarms the farm, likely killing all members of the convoy. (Click Here)

    Days 501-550 (2013 July-August):

    -Chaos erupts within the walls of the prison as a sickness begins killing off and then re-animating members of the prison. The prison leaders manage to quell the risen dead, but then are forced to sacrifice their livestock to calm the increasingly large herd of walkers outside the fences.

    -In an attempt to end the outbreak of flu before it spreads further, Carol kills two infected members of the prison that were placed in quarantine, and sets their bodies aflame. Sadly, she fails to prevent the outbreak, and only succeeds in sending Tyreese into a rage.

    -Hershel leads efforts to end the flu epidemic. Despite great personal risk, and multiple outbreaks of zombie attacks in the quarantine cell block, he is, in the end, successful. He manages to save Glenn's life from the infection. This success is in part due to the efforts of Michonne, Bob, Tyreese, and Daryl, who risk venturing to an overrun college to get needed medical supplies.

    -Rick discovers that Carol killed the infected members, and decides to exile her from the prison during a supply run foray. She keeps watch over the prison and over her adopted girls from afar, waiting until the time is right to step in and regain the group's trust.

    -Just as the epidemic comes to a close, The Governor re-appears in force, armed with a new survivor group, a vintage but operable tank, and Michonne and Hershel as hostages. He demands entry into and control over the Prison from Rick. Rick attempts to placate The Governor, and to offer him peace and a place within the group and within the walls for all of The Governor's people. The Governor responds by killing Hershel, and then leading a full assault on the prison population.

    -Amid the chaos of The Governor's attack, Glenn is left unconscious within the prison, Maggie, Bob, and Sasha escape one way, while Tyreese, Carol, and her girls escape the other, with Rick's baby in tow. Daryl destroys the tank, and then escapes with Beth. Rick and The Governor end up in a vicious fist-fight that ends with The Governor disabled on the ground, thanks to Michonne's intervention after she escaped from The Governer's troops. Rick ends up escaping with Carl and Michonne. The Governor lives long enough to see Lilly stand over him. Betrayed, and distraught over the loss of her daughter and her future, she shoots The Governor in the head before being overwhelmed by the walking dead that are now flooding through the open prison fences.

    -For all intents and purposes, the prison is a complete loss. Filled with the walking dead and destroyed by tank fire, it can never again be their home.

    -Tyreese, Carol, and the girls take refuge in a fenced off orchard home. They try to settle and make a new home of it, but tragedy strikes when one of Carol's girls kills the other, and Carol is forced to shoot her to protect Rick's child. In the resulting depression, Carol admits to Tyreese that she killed his love while attempting to save the prison from the flu outbreak. Left without any reason to trust or support one another, the two decide regardless to depart together with Rick's child and head toward Terminus.

    -Glenn awakens, equips riot gear, and escapes the prison with Tara in tow. He encounters Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene along the road. After some disagreements, they agree to join him in his search for Maggie.

    -Maggie, Bob, and Sasha find the prison bus that should have contained the survivors of the prison and Glenn, but now only contains the dead. Distraught, Maggie begins to follow the Terminus signs, leaving notes for Glenn to find in walker blood.

    -Maggie's signs lead to a collapsed tunnel full of walkers. Abraham claims it to be a dead end, and leaves Glenn and Tara behind. The two attempt to brave the tunnel, but falter and become stuck. Abraham, in seeking the other side of the tunnel, encounters Maggie, Bob, and Sasha, and all together, they destroy the walkers that have Glenn and Tara pinned down in the tunnel. Glenn and Maggie rejoice in discovering that their faint hope of finding each other once more has come true.

    -Rick, Michonne, and Carl hide out for a time in an abandoned house, and wait for Rick to heal. The house is invaded by a group of bandits, and they are forced to depart. They find signs leading to Terminus, and begin to follow the railroad.

    -Beth and Daryl find refuge in an old shanty house. After discovering Daryl's tragic past, they burn the house down. They find a new home that is stocked, and attempt to make a new start there. Unfortunately, they are attacked by walkers, and Daryl loses Beth in the resulting chaos. He is discovered by the bandit group that originally attacked Rick, and joins them simply because he has no other options.

    -Rick, Michonne, and Carl are attacked by the bandit group that has been stalking them. Daryl attempts to intervene, and is beaten soundly. Rick, seeing his son about to be raped and killed, turns savage and brutally kills the bandit leader, leading to the bandit group's defeat. Daryl rejoins their group, and they continue on to Terminus together.

    -Rick's group arrives at Terminus, and is given a warm greeting by its residents. However, the warmth swiftly fades when Rick recognizes the equipment of his former friends being worn by the members of Terminus. The resulting gunfight leads Rick, Michonne, Carl, and Daryl on a wild run through the compound, where they find evidence of cannibalism. Finally, they are held up, and herded into a train shipping car, where they are reunited with Glenn, Michonne, and their group. Despite the hopelessness of their situation, Rick declares with certainty that they will have revenge, as Terminus has "messed with the wrong group."
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    Trapped at Terminus (SEASON 5)

    Days 551-580 (2013 Sept):
    -Season 5 of AMC's TWD Begins

    Days 581-640 (2013 Oct-Nov):
    -Sixteen months after losing Omid, Christa and Clementine struggle to survive in the wilds of North Carolina, while trying to make it to safety up north, where the snows supposedly will stop the walkers in their tracks. Unfortunately, bandits attack Christa, and in the resulting chaos she and Clementine are separated. Clementine escapes both bandit and walker attack by falling into a river and being swept away to destinations unknown.

    -More will be added once Season 2 of Telltale's TWD has finished.

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