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     Wynter Kosma
    Wynter Kosma
     Posted: Nov 18 2014, 11:33 PM
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    Extereme Athelete
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    18-November 14
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    played by Dizzle
    Awards: None

    Wynter Kosma
    'Hangman hooded softly swinging, don't close the coffin yet I'm alive'

    GENDER: Female
    AGE: 26
    BIRTHDATE: May 8th, 1987
    NICKNAME(S): Her parents still call her Rebecca
    READ RULES: Glossary

    PREVIOUS OCCUPATION: Extreme Sports Athelete
    HOMETOWN: Chicago, Ill.
    FACE CLAIM: Rooney Mara


    HAIR COLOR: Black
    EYE COLOR: Brown
    ETHNICITY: Russian
    HEIGHT: 5'11"
    WEIGHT: 197lbs
    BUILD: Lanky Atheletic
    DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Wynter has tattoos down most of her left arm, and a black tribal spiral tattoo on her right shoulder blade. She has several piercings about her face that also tend to make her stand out.
    CLOTHING STYLE: Before everything went bad, Wynter most often wore dark green cargo pants, running sneakers, and either a tank top or plain black vest depending on temperature. Her peircings tend to be plain as they consist of simple black or silver hoops and bars. With the world having done as it had, she tends to keep to the leather vests when she can, but the pants tend to be whatever she can find, and shoes had since been replaced with Army Surplus paratrooper boots. She use to dress this way to show off her left arm's tattoos, though now it's more. She also keeps a pair of gloves in her back pocket, should she need to do something with her hands covered to keep them from getting damaged.


    Wynter is recovering from an addiction to the self-absorbed celebrity lifestyle, and it has been an uphill battle for the better part of the last year. She fights her demons every time she helps someone, and tends to feel the need to distance herself at the same time as she bonds for fear of succuming to her old habits. Humbled by the way things have turned out, she doesn't talk very much, and prefers to keep to the outskirts of any group in which she might find herself.

    She doesn't believe love will ever find her, and so she identifies herself mostly as a bisexual as she finds what comfort she can with those whom she might for what brief moments she may before it all falls apart. She is less attracted by gender, and more attracted to the individual with whom she connects, brief as she believes this might be given that no one is really promised a tomorrow when the dead rise and start to eat eachother.

    Just because she tries to be distant doesn't mean that she is cold or unfeeling. Wynter is quick to put herself on the line to help others, and this often puts her own safety had high risk. Be it a supply run, a rescue, or trying to keep a herd of Walkers from smacking into a safehouse, Wynter is the first to offer up to run it, and if possible to do it with as few people coming along as possible.

    As much as she might want a place to belong, she doesn't feel like she deserves one. It's not that she believes herself callous or anything like that, but more that she believes that this is her Hell...this zombie filled world. Her life is something she brought on herself. Security and safety should be reserved for the people that were good, honest, hard working people before the fall of civilization. She just doesn't believe she was ever good or selfless enough before it became a necessity to be so. Sometimes this causes bouts of depression and contemplation of self harm.


    • Parkour Expert - Wynter didn't just make a living running, climbing, and jumping...but gained fame for being one of the best. Buildings, fences, wide gaps, or long drops do not at all keep Wynter from a point-A-to-point-B on foot transit.
    • Situational Awareness - Being a thrill seeker out putting herself in harm's way, she can size up odds quickly. This might sometimes seem, even to her, like gut instinct or the occasional hunch, but in truth they are just little subtle cues from her surroundings that she's learned to spot and either avoid or accept as a necessary risk of encounter.
    • Stealth - Most places before The Turn believed free running to be treaspassing and, thus, illegal. To get the best shots of the craziest moves, Wynter and her friends often had to sneak past fences, cameras, and even security guards in order to get to a place where the jumps were sweet looking, and the angles looked tough but possible to be managed. She knows well enough how to move without provoking too much attention, esspecially at night.
    • Good with a Blade - Like most survivors, Wynter learned a lesson in the streets over the months about what to do with a Walker. Put it down, and do it quiet. She's good close up because, well, if she has the room she does her best to keep her distance from Walkers. This skill was a hard fought, up hill lesson to learn, and it was mostly luck that kept her going long enough to learn that the head was what counted.
    • Pretty Good Cook - When she made it big, she had access to interesting ingredients to cook with. Let's face it, when you make pro athelete money, you can afford a higher grade of bologna...and that kind of allowed her to play around in the kitchen when she got hungry. She knows to taste as you cook, and what goes with what to make something strange taste strangely awesome. This is more of a hobby skill over a professional/survival skill.
    • ETC


    • Canteen
    • Survival Knife
    • 2x set of clothes [vest, cargo pants, leather gloves]
    • Pair of Army Surplus boots
    • Backpack
    • 4x pack of beef jerky
    • 2 x Powerbar
    • Refillable Lighter
    • SiG P29 pistol [no ammo]


    (List here important friends and family, their ages and if they are currently still among the living)
    • Remi Kosma, father - Unknown
    • Tara Kosma, mother - Unknown


    Wynter grew up Rebecca Kosma, only child of Remi and Tara Kosma. Her parents had moved from Georgia, Russia to attempt to find the American Dream and raise a family in the United States. Remi was a businessman for a chain of appliance stores while Tara stayed home to raise Rebecca. Something of a wild child, Rebecca spent much of her childhood getting into trouble, and had broken an arm or a leg almost often enough climbing trees or onto their old shed to nearly have been removed from the home. As she got into her teens, she started making friends with the kids down at the local skate park and making amateur videos.

    She didn't really want to get in trouble with her folks, so when they all decided to start recording some of their talents and sending them out to sports labels, everyone took to caling her Wynter instead. This nickname came largely from her love of cold weather like in the old country. While the other kids bundled up, she kept warm by running and climbing to keep her body temp up. Eventually, Wynter got her first taste of fame via internet buzz. And when Youtube came around, it wasn't long before she was signed on to a label for extreme sports.

    This was when she decided her real name was too plain, and to Hell with her parents' knowing. She legally changed her name to Wynter Kosma and got endorsed to do parkour tourneys for Take Flight, an extreme sports apparell company. The attention was addictive, and the money tended to go straight to her head and turn her into something of a diva. When the outbreak happened and the dead started to rise, well, it wasn't like she had a need to go watching the news anymore. Her parents took a plane back to Russia, and she opted to remain in Chicago because she was sure it was all just something that would blow over. Soon enough, it was too late.

    Her agent had her place load up on security, but it wasn't as if Wynter took it all that seriously until the dead came. Bodyguards did what they were trained to do, and shoot for center mass to virtually no effect. Her home was overrun and she was forced to scale her own fences and abandon it. The internet went down, then phones, then power...and Wynter found herself alone. Abandoning her friends, her family, and everyone that cared about her in exchange for the glitz and glamour of fame left her isolated when the world came crashing down.

    She did better than most in the city, however. Parkour was more useful in an urban setting, and it made her talented at getting away from Walkers. Most of the first nights, she climbed up into places where she could jump to a nearby rooftop to get to safety when she woke. Looting got to be tough, and the name of a celebrity didn't carry the weight it did before. Half starved and heartsick, she was about ready to jump off a rooftop and end herself. Then she thought about making the right choice for a change.

    Wynter knew she was selfish. Self-obsessed and callous, she had spent so much time clamoring for attention and never giving a thought to giving anything back to anyone. As she looked down from the ninth floor window of a hotel, she saw a couple of folks running from several Walkers and she decided that if she was going to die...might as well make good at least once. She climbed down to the second floor before dropping and rolling the rest of the way, then banging and making enough noise to draw the Walkers back to her. With her ability to lose herself in the urban landscape, the Walkers weren't terribly difficult to give the slip and circle back.

    Wynter discovered something she could not only do well, but something that would benefit others. She had to hope that there was some way to recover from all the wrong she had done before the world fell apart. By the same account, she knew that the praise and prestige of fans tended to be her drug of choice...and now she wanted no part of it. The limelight disgusted her, but she didn't know if it would be something she could keep from getting sucked into again. With no real home, friends, or family, she moves from place to place looking for supplies to keep herself going. With his skills, she tends to stick to areas where buildings are closer together and Walkers can be tricked and trapped more easily.


    (This is not required, however, if you would like to submit a role play sample, feel free to do so here. Please put paragraph breaks <*p> (without the asterisk) in between each paragraph)


    your alias: Dizzle
    other characters: none
    how you found us: Crow Station
    age: 30
    rp experience: been playing half my life at this point. Jeez.
    goals: Been playing this character in a few different settings, and I would like to explore her in a zombie apoc. setting.
    contact: PM works.

     Posted: Nov 24 2014, 08:28 PM
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    15-August 13
    102 posts
    played by Casey
    Awards: 4



    Your application has been accepted! Head on over to WHO'S WHO and FACE CLAIMS and post a new reply with your information. Then, head on over to PLOTTING or WANTED ADS and introduce yourself! Welcome and we look forward to RPing with you!
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